Summer - It's Officially Here!

Today was my first official day of summer!  Sure, I had a three-day weekend like the rest of the working world, but it felt just like a normal holiday weekend.  Until last night, that is, when I realized I didn't have to get up and go to work today.  Is there a better feeling?  I think not.

Gone are the days of taking showers every morning and putting on makeup.  (Thank goodness!)  And here are the days of tank-top wearing, swimming, and spending 24/7 with my little man! 

Kind of like maternity leave.  Only now I have a baby that smiles more, sleeps less, and interacts with his mama!  And now we can spend our afternoons at the park.  Or pool.  Or both.  So.much.better.

Summer will be different now.  With a baby.  No more napping at the pool, that's for sure!  But also no more teaching summer school.  From now until my kids are older.  That was always my plan.  And I am a-okay with that!  (I didn't teach last year either, but because I was eight months pregnant and gearing up for baby.)

Running errands on summer day #1
Today was a super productive first day.  We woke up bright and early (Brantley's choice, not mine) and went for a walk!  Why not go for a walk at 6:30am?!  There's something very peaceful about that.  Kinnick was weirded out and likes to sleep in, but I didn't have to twist his arm leg to convince him to come with.  I think we'll make early morning walks an everyday thing.

We also ran errands, played, planned meals for the week, grocery shopped, cleaned house, did some laundry, played some more, napped (Brantley, not me surprisingly), made some breakfast sandwiches to freeze, made egg salad for lunch this week, and played even more.  And when I say 'played', I really mean I chased Brantley around the house.  Whew--that kid never stops!  I'm exhausted. 

The breakfast sandwiches
His new thing - playing with the Ziploc baggies.

I also finalized B's birthday invite.  The hubs in under strict orders to print these bad boys at his office tomorrow.  #theperksofaxeroxemployee


I used a combination of and Microsoft Word to design the invites (with some Etsy inspiration).  I took the pictures last week at Heatherstone Park.  And now that summer's here, I'm in full planning mode!  I've already purchased some super cute, baseball-themed things from Target's dollar bins!

So that is how we spent our first official day of summer!  What a fun first day it was!  Brantley must agree because he's currently crying his eyes out in protest of going to bed (something he never does).  Lucky for you, B-Man, there's still 9 1/2 weeks of fun to go!

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