Memorial Weekend 2013

We typically stick around home for Memorial weekend and kickoff the summer by going to our pool.  But this year, we headed to Iowa to celebrate a special first birthday for our nephew, Kellen.  An Iowa trip was long overdue anyway, as we hadn't been since Thanksgiving!!

Besides the weather (50s and rainy the entire weekend - not exactly what I expected for Memorial weekend), we had a great time!  Highlights include:
  • La Hacienda for Mexican on Friday night...and my mom having a margarita one size too large.
  • Kellen's first birthday party on Saturday and seeing my grandparents, among other family members.
  • Playing cards with my parents - and lots of them.  (Specifically, me winning...and Craig losing.  We're pretty competitive around here.)
  • Fish fry with my parents' neighbors on Sunday night.
  • Brantley trying new foods: refried beans, crumbled hamburger, raisins, a banana muffin, yogurt, one of Kellen's birthday cupcakes, and a doughnut.

I didn't take many pictures because 1) I left my memory card in our computer at home; and 2) my camera battery was nearly dead and I forgot my charger.  #mommyfail  Someday, I'll actually go out of town and remember everything.  (Since having Brantley, I've forgotten something every time - contacts, make-up, underwear, and now camera equipment.)

But I did borrow a memory card and took some pics at Kellen's Bubble Guppie-themed party.  I wasn't sure what a Bubble Guppie was before this weekend, but apparently Kellen loves them!  My sister did a great job with fish-related decor!

Not so sure about the cake...or getting his hands dirty.

So much better with a spoon!

The only other picture I got during our weekend in Iowa was a 4-generation photo with my mom's side.  Silly Kinnick even got in.

We got back to KC around 2pm on Monday and were happy to return to summer temps!  A little while later, we headed to our neighborhood pool for our first family pool outing of the year.  Since it was opening weekend, the water was freezing and I wasn't sure how Brantley would react, but to our surprise, he loved it - cold and all!  (We didn't get in the big pool; only the baby pool.)

Like I said, Brantley loved it. And it must have worn him out because he fell fast asleep on Daddy's chest, then slept like this the entire walk home.

 I hope everyone had a happy Memorial weekend and a good kickoff to summer 2013!

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  1. love the theme so cute!! We have a wagon too, Matthew always passes out in it!! Especially after the pool :)