Still Here, Alive, & Well!

Hi followers!  I'm still here!  And doing well!  We've been busy, but not really with anything specific or blog-worthy.  Honestly, I'm just counting down the days until school is out!

16 to go.

This weekend will be the third straight weekend with family in town.  The first it was Brantley's Aunt Lori and oldest cousin Delanie for Delanie's volleyball tournament  - and they brought along Grandma Sides.  Last weekend Lori was back with the rest of her fam - Uncle Roger and cousins Carson, Brekkyn, and Adley - this time for a soccer tournament.  I'm pretty sure the girls loved spending time with their cousin Brantley, especially Adley!  Likewise, it was great to host our visitors from Wichita!

This weekend, my parents will be here!  I'm excited for their visit, but it'd be a lot better if the weather would stay nice!  Instead, tomorrow's high is 39 with a chance of snow.  And the weekend isn't much better.  So much for going to the zoo!

I have a few pictures to share, but seriously, we just haven't been up to that much lately!
Watching his cousin Carson's soccer game on a gorgeous, near-80 degree day!

I just love it when he wears "big boy" clothes

Mama's lil' hawkeye
Enjoying dinner on the patio

"What you doin', Mom?"

Playing with cousin Adley and her cousin, Stella

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