My Favorite Things: Baby Edition #3

It's that time again! Time for more of my favorite baby products!  Most of these are above and beyond what one really needs, but nice conveniences to have!

The First Years Jet Lightweight Stroller (similar)- When I was registering, a friend recommended we add an umbrella stroller - you know, the ones you used to play with as a kid.  (At least that's what my sister and I did.)  Sure, we have our BOB, but BOB can be a pain-in-the-butt.  It's heavy and takes up a lot of space.  These lightweight strollers are so much more convenient when BOB is not necessary.  For instance, we took our umbrella stroller to Wichita over Easter weekend, as we already had a car full.  I also took it to Bass Pro when we went to visit the Easter bunny.  It folds quickly and easily and it's so much easier to push through small spaces.  This one is from Target and I noticed just the other day that it was on sale!  It has a detachable sun shade and compartments up top to store things (like a drink), as well as a nice place to throw things below the seat.

Brica Super Scoop Bath Toy Organizer - Necessary only if you don't want bath toys scattering the floor of your bath tub. :)  We had another brand, but it was teeny-tiny and would not stay suctioned to our wall.  This one is great.  Larger, stays suctioned, and easily lifts off.  And I think it's pretty cute!

Green Sprouts Freezer Cubes - I've blogged before about making my own baby food.  These are what I use to store the pureed food.  I know many moms are happy using ice cube trays to freeze food and then store the frozen cubes in ziploc baggies.  I'm sure that works great, too, but I love these things.  They have lids and can be moved easily from the freezer to refrigerator.  They also come with trays that make for easy stacking.  Sure, they're probably more expensive than ice cube trays, but to me, well worth it!

Infantino Shopping Cart/Highchair Cover - I'm not a major germ-a-phobe, but these shopping cart/high chair covers are pretty nice to have.  Mine is pretty basic...I found it at Marshall's for $20!  I've recently seen some with a front pocket that would be convenient for storing items (pacifier, snacks, small toys) and even some with teething rings/toys attached!  Shark Tank also featured one recently (the Cool Wazoo) that's like 6-uses-in-one!

Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug 'n Secure Swing - We just got this a few weeks ago, but have used it every weekend since!  You have to buy the hooks separately, but can attach them anywhere!  We have hooks attached to our garage frame (in the front of our house) and to our deck (in the back).  We've even seen neighbors with hooks attached to tree branches!

Tommy Tippee Easy Roll Bib - Another recent purchase!  These have a pocket to catch fallen food and they're rubbery material, which makes for easy clean-up!

Tiny Diner Placemat - We keep this thing in our diaper bag and use it anytime we're out to eat.  It suctions to the table and provides a clean, eating surface.  It also has a scoop that catches dropped food and rolls up nicely and easily for compact storage.  This was a recommendation from a friend of a friend and I agree - it's great!

Puj Ultra Soft Spout Cover - Now that Brantley is obsessed with standing in the bath tub, I'm a nervous wreck about him accidentally falling and hitting his head on the spout.  I ordered this cute spout cover from Amazon (mainly because it was the cutest one I saw and matches our bathroom color scheme).  It's foam and slips on easily over the spout.  It a fairly new addition to our bathtub, so I can't say much, but so far, it's doing what it should!

KidKusion Kushion - Once Brantley started climbing and standing on things, we knew we needed to baby proof the fireplace hearth.  Those corners are deadly and I would cringe at the thought of Brantley falling on them!  We saw this thing at Buy Buy Baby and ordered it soon after from Amazon.  It's the perfect length for our fireplace and provides a cushion around the entire outside perimeter (math teacher lingo!).  It attaches with Velcro (included) and stays in place nicely - even when Brantley plays with it!  Definitely one of our best baby proofing purchases!

Up & Up Baby Food Pouches - Even though I'm making my own fruit and veggie purees, I always keep our pantry stocked with these!  They are so convenient when we're out and about.  The Target brand (Up & Up) are 89 cents a piece, as opposed to $1+ for the organic pouches.  And let's be honest, I don't buy organic produce for myself, so I see no need to spend the extra money for Brantley either.

Aquatopia Deluxe Safety Easy Bath Kneeler - Brantley loves bathtime.  And we've started giving him baths more regularly.  But my knees would always hurt so bad from kneeling on our hard, tile floor.  And then I discovered this!!  It's awesome.  Memory foam and the perfect solution to sore knees.  It even has pockets to store things in and folds nicely out of the way.

Leapfrog My Pal Scout - This was one of few things we bought Brantley for his first Christmas.  It comes with a USB cord and can be programmed to say your child's name, sing his/her favorite songs, and even talk about a favorite food (in our case, bacon!), among other things!  Brantley almost always smiles when he hears Scout say his name.  It's adorable.

For more of my baby favorites, click here and here.  And for my pregnancy favorites, click here!  What are some of your favorite products?

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  1. we love the aquatopia bath mat!! so good on the knees lol!! Plus it gives a little padding for my kid who likes to stand on the edge!!