A Perfect {Mother's Day} Weekend

There's something special about a mama's first Mother's Day.  Mine was special indeed - and nothing short of perfect.  It involved every single thing that I love.  In fact, I couldn't have asked for a better {first} Mother's Day weekend!

It started on Friday.  It was a nice, sunny day, so a couple of friends and I planned a last-minute happy hour at Barley's.  On the patio.  Around a firepit.  The beer was good and girl time was even better!  I'm going to California with these same girls in 3 1/2 weeks and I can't wait!  (Though I'm already nervous about leaving Brantley...)

The rest of the weekend was spent with my two loves.  The perfect little boy who makes being a mommy so much fun and his daddy - the perfect hubby who gave me the perfect son.  My first gift was being able to sleep in both days.  The hubs and I usually split the weekend days and each get up early with Brantley once, but Craig told me earlier this week he would get up both days since it was and I could sleep in.  That was a lot to look forward to right there!

After sleeping in (until 8), we did all kinds of fun things on Saturday - relaxed in the sun on our deck, shopped at Legend's (and stocked up at Banana outlet), grilled burgers with friends, and sat around a firepit Saturday night.  It was a great day!

Woke up to gorgeous, sunny weather!

Relaxing in the sun while Baby napped and Daddy mowed

Shopping at Legends

He loved the fountains!

But...as if Saturday wasn't good enough, Sunday was even better.  Day two of sleeping in.  Sort of.  I was too excited for my first Mother's Day and was up by 6:45!  It's funny was a baby does to ya!

The hubs surprised me with doughnuts for breakfast.  (And by surprise, I mean he told me on Saturday night he was going to go get them the following morning.  Ha!)  I love doughnuts.  Like, I would eat them every day if they weren't so fattening.  I can never, and will never, pass up a doughnut!  Yet...we don't get them often.  So that was a fun little Mother's Day "surprise"!

Then, he and Brantley gave me my gifts.  A first Mother's Day picture frame complete with a photo of me and Brantley, a new Royals shirt I had been eying at Dick's, and a cute statement necklace he picked out at Fransesca's.  He knows me too well!

It was another gorgeous, sunny day, so when Brantley went down for his morning nap, I enjoyed my morning coffee on the deck.

Is there anything better than coffee outdoors on a cool, spring morning?

Once Brantley was awake, we headed out for more Mother's Day fun.  First stop: Penn Station East Coast Subs - a new place for us.  We grabbed some sandwiches to-go and headed to Deanna Rose Farmstead.  After picnicking outside the farmstead and soothing an unusually fussy baby (still not sure what his problem was), we headed in for more family fun.  Brantley has been to Deanna Rose multiple times with daycare, but I've been itching to take him all spring.  We saw some cows, fed the goats, rang the cowbells (Brantley's fave), and swung near a pond while Brantley napped on Daddy's shoulder.  Brantley's still a little young to be excited about the farmstead and we were only there for about an hour - but I'd say it was still worth the $4 admission fee!

After leaving Deanna Rose, we ran a few errands and then stopped to get Freddie's Frozen Custard.  Another fave.  I'm tellin ya - best weekend ever.

All while we were away from home, Kinnick was stuck inside.  We felt bad for him, so we made a pit stop at home to get him and headed back out to Stoll Park.  Kinnick was happy to enjoy Mother's Day with his mommy, too!  And seeing that the four of us don't get out together much, it called for a family photo. :)

I also captured a few more cute photos during our visit to the park.

The rest of the day consisted of the usual.  Swinging in the driveway, dinner, bath time for Brantley, and now writing this blog post while in the peaceful, outdoor air.  A perfect ending to a perfect Mother's Day weekend.

And lastly, I'd like to wish my mom and mother-in-law a happy Mother's Day, as well!  You've each provided us amazing examples of what a mother should represent.  Neither Craig nor I would have become the people we are today without wonderful mothers like you!  We love you both!

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