Snow Day...x2

Snow days are the next-best thing about being a teacher, behind June, July, and August, of course!  Other teachers always say to never expect a snow day because then it won't happen.  This week was proof that that's clearly not true.

Anyway, I have an appreciation for snow days even more now that I have a sweet baby to snuggle and spend time with!  There's nothing better than an unexpected (or as in this week - expected) day off!  Wait...there is something better...two unexpected days off!

Here's a glimpse at how we spent our snow day...times two!

Watching the snow fall
Checking out all the white stuff!

Yay for a snow day with my babes!

Hot chocolate with lots-o-marshmellows, of course!

First time in the snow for B-Man!

"Not so sure about this, Mom."

Funny story about that. He doesn't have snow pants. Or boots. Or mittens for that matter. So I put three pairs of pants on him. Over his pajamas of course. (Because, you know, we don't change out of our jammies on snow days.) And then I put a plastic baggie on each foot to try and keep them dry. Then covered the baggie with socks. It {sort of} worked. Next year, we'll be sure to buy snow gear. But seriously, what baby needs snow pants or boots? How often do they really play in the snow?

He didn't love the snow?  Or maybe it was the 15 layers and baggies on his feet he wasn't fond of?

How about some photos of the snow.  More for the hubs, since he missed the big storm.  We're praying his flight arrives safely tonight like it's supposed to!!  We miss our Daddy.

10 inches in our front yard

We just had dinner here two (or three?) weeks ago

The ruler in the front yard said 10 inches.  But when I stuck it in the snow on our deck, the snow was higher than the {12-inch} ruler! 

And, of course, you can never have too many pics of a sleeping baby.  Why do I enjoy peeking at him on the video monitor so much?


Here's a picture of me pre-shoveling.

A guy I tutor came over and snow blowed our driveway yesterday, but the snow plows came through afterwards and piled a huge heap of snow at the end of our driveway.  There was no way the hubs was going to get through when he gets home later tonight, so while B-Man was napping, I did my best to shovel a path.

The heap of snow.  The picture doesn't do it justice.

Hope you're SUV fits through, honey!
Shoveling has to be one of the worst jobs ever.  Being hot and cold at the same time sucks.  I was hoping a neighbor guy would see me and come to my rescue, but no such luck.

What else did I do on my snow days?  Practice my photog skills, of course!

I love taking pictures and I love my sweet baby = I love, love, love taking pictures of him!  I have lots from the past two days.  Like 100+ lots.  Hey, practice makes perfect, right??  Here are some of my favorites!

Oh, I just can't get enough of this kid's cuteness!  Hope all of you Kansans, Missourians, and Iowans enjoyed your snow day(s) like we did!

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