First Kiss & Illness Update

So tonight, Brantley and I met our friends Lauren and Madison at My Gym for a little play date.  And here is what happened when the babes saw each other.  Cutest.picture.ever.

In other news, we the hubs took Brantley back to the doctor yesterday.  He still was not acting like himself.  The doctor thought rotavirus (some sort of stomach bug) and recommended a strict no-formula diet (only water/pedialyte and some simple solids) for about 24 hours.  I fed him a bottle before bed tonight, however, because the kid seemed starved!  9 ounces, a bowl of rice cereal, and 2 oz of sweet potatoes later, he seemed full.  Full, but still not the Brantley we are used to.  The poor kid wants nothing but to be held.  It's exhausting.  He is not the happy, lucky, laid-back little guy we've known for the past seven months.  And since I hate seeing him so sad, I'm the sucker that holds him.  Constantly.  So then I wonder "Is he spoiled from being held so much when he truly was sick?" or "Is he still not feeling well?"  What's a mama to do?

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