Brantley Carter: 7 Months Old

Oh, Brantley Carter, you're 7 months already!  Each month passes faster than the last, and each month you get more and more fun!  There have been so many changes between six and seven months, and I think your daddy and I both agree, that this month has probably been the best, so far.

This month brought many firsts: your first attempt with a sippy cup, your first trip to the ER, your first big boy bath, and your first taste of meat.  You have mastered the art of crawling (on your hands and knees, instead of the whole army crawl thing), sitting unassisted, standing (assisted), and have even pulled yourself up to a standing position.  You also recently started clapping (something 9-month olds do, according to your doc!) and squealing.  You smile all the time at Mommy and Daddy and have giggled a few more times (though not nearly as much as I'd like).  You love the game peek-a-boo and you love being told you're a big boy.  You scramble to get your hands on any non-toy you can (cords, dog bones, and the dog bowl are your faves).

You spent your 7-month birthday a little under the weather, so we didn't get the best pictures.  (Mommy was sick, too.)  But we've done so well at snapping those photos every month on the 6th, so I wasn't about to postpone it a day.

Can't wait for the fun and excitement the next month will bring!  Love you little B-Man!

Size - At your 6-month appointment (just thirteen days ago), you weighed 18 pounds 2 ounces, which put you in the 48th percentile.  Slowly, but surely, gaining on that percentile chart.

Words - Lots of baby talk and babble.  Some squealing here and there.

Activity - Your activity includes crawling all over the place, entertaining yourself with many of the toys currently cluttering our living room, clapping, playing peek-a-boo, sitting on your own, standing with the help of the ottoman, pulling yourself up with the help of the ottoman, chasing Kinnick, and smiling at Mommy and Daddy.

Food - You still eat 5 bottles per day (7oz each except for right before bed, that one's 8oz).  In addition, you eat solids twice per day - around lunchtime at daycare and dinnertime at home.  We re-introduced rice (usually mixed with a fruit) as well as oatmeal.  You've now tried all sorts of fruits and veggies - avocado, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, peas, pears, apples, prunes, bananas - and chicken!  Yep, chicken!  You weren't a huge fan (I don't blame you, that stuff stunk!), but mixed with rice, you ate it.

Sleep - Still the best overnight sleeper!  Naps (2 to 3 per day) are still a little shaky and short-lived, but we manage.

Bedtime/Waketime - Bedtime is anywhere between 7:30 and 9, after your last bottle.  You still roll over and fall asleep without any sort of fight, amazingly.  You've been sleeping in a little later (6:30/7:00) in the mornings and  sometimes I have to wake you up to get ready for daycare.  

Hair - Blondie

Eyes - Blue

Teeth - Two!  We noticed your second one on the night of your 6-month birthday last month!

Likes - The dining room light, ceiling fans, Kinnick, Kinnick's dog bowl, Kinnick's bones, books, toys that light up, toys that play music, electronics (Mommy's iPhone and Daddy's iPad), blowing spit bubbles, being held, snuggling, climbing through the coffee table, being told how much of a big boy you are, Mommy, Daddy, bottles, eating, being patted.

Dislikes - Waking up from naps, being hungry, being tired.

Wardrobe - Mostly 6-9.  You're not super tall (long), so you can still fit into 3-6 month pants.

Diapers - Size 3

Mommy's Fave - Baby snuggles.  You are the sweetest kid ever and Mommy just loves holding you and marveling at how amazing you are.

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  1. It makes me home sick when I see Kansas stuff!! lol just glad the little guy is supporting a good team ;) I always have my family buy stuff up there with jayhawks on it & send it this way, cause its pricey online!! Happy 7 months little guy!! It was hard to get a picture of matthew too for his 6 months haha, before it was so easy :)!!