Single Mom-ing It

The hubs is out of town this week.  All week.  Sunday through Friday.  It doesn't happen often.  Maybe once per year?  But this is the week.  So I'm left all alone to take care of the babe.  The dog.  The house.  And, oh, myself, too.

I'm a bit nervous.  Not because I don't think I can handle it.  I mean, getting up at the butt crack of dawn all week will be rough.  But I'll manage.  What I can't handle is the possibility of being sick.  Yet again.

You see, my parents visited this past weekend.  They left today, 24+ hours after they had planned to leave because my mom had a terrible go around with the flu.  Like so bad she ended up in the ER.  I'm not sure what I'd do if I got it.  No hubs = no help.  I've been spraying Lysol like it's my job and keeping my fingers crossed that somehow, someway both Brantley and I escape the awfulness of it.  Ugh.

I'm also hoping for a snow day (two would be even better) later this week.  The forecast is predicting snow and ice.  "The worst winter storm in two years," says the meteorologists.  Surely, we'll have a snow day, right?  I'm already counting on it.  Fingers crossed again.

How about some pictures from the {first part of the} weekend before my mom was horribly sick?  Brantley was happy to spend some quality time with his Gramma and Papa Fritz!

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