Feeling Refreshed

My last three weeks have gone something like this...

Monday (the 11th) - Work
Tuesday (the 12th) - Work
Wednesday (the 13th) - Work (13 hours: kids + evening PT conferences)
Thursday (the 14th) - Work (11 hours: no kids; all day PT conferences)
Friday (the 15th) - No School (conference comp day)

Monday (the 18th) - No School (President's Day)
Tuesday (the 19th) - Work
Wednesday (the 20th) - Work
Thursday (the 21st) - Snow Day
Friday (the 22nd) - Snow Day

Monday (the 25th) - Work
Tuesday (the 26th) - Snow Day
Wednesday (the 27th) - Snow Day
Thursday (the 28th) - Work

I've worked a total of eight days and had the other six off.  It's been glorious.

And now I'm feeling very refreshed.  Today, I feel a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm about my job.  Pre-snow days, I was feeling rather blah. 
Frustrated with my job.
Annoyed by my kids.
Sick of the weather.
Ready for spring.

January and February always bring about those feelings.  But this year, it was way worse.  Perhaps it has something to do with the kiddo at home??

Being a math teacher is hard.  Some days, I walk through the halls and wonder what it's like to be an elective teacher.  Kids choose to take those classes.  Math, on the other hand?  They're forced.  One in every ten kids enjoys math.  If I'm lucky.  It's exhausting trying to teach a subject that very few kids like, let alone "get".  This time of year...well, it pretty much sucks. The material is hard. And everyone's tired.

Pre-snow days, I found myself wondering: How can I find a way to quit my job and stay at home?  What can I do from home and still earn a living?  I'm not sure I can do this job for the rest of my life... 

Though those thoughts will still likely make their way into my head, I'm hoping it's less often.  I'm feeling more positive after our little snow-cation.  It was a much needed mental health vacation for me.

And now it's March 1.  {Well, almost.}  March always brings about happy feelings for me.  Spring Break, warmer weather, St. Patty's Day, warmer weather, heck even March Madness!  (I'm not even a basketball fan, but we always do this super fun tournament draft with friends.)  Oh, and warmer weather.  :)

March is when I feel like I can {and will} make it through another school year.  And then Spring Break comes along.  And 4th quarter.  And then it's May.  And then, before I know it, I'm excitedly driving down Monticello on my way home.  For summer.

And then August rolls around and I'm ready to tackle another year.  Full of fresh ideas.  Motivated, energetic, and excited.  And full of love for what I do.

So snow days, thank you.  Thank you for making me feel sane again.  And March, whether you're a lamb or a lion, I'm just glad you're finally here.  Even with snow on the ground, I can confidently say, things will only get better from here!

(Until next January anyway...)

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