A Night Out

We don't get out much.  Especially with a baby.  But let's be honest here, we didn't have much of a night life even before Brantley was born.  We've always been more of the stay-in-the-suburbs type of people and would just soon have beers in the comfort of our own (or our friend's own) home.  Drinks?  Yes.  Music?  Yes.  Dinner out?  Yes.  Power and Light?  Not so much.  Only on rare occasions.  But...it doesn't mean we can't have a good ole time during those few, but infrequent, nights out on the town.

The Zac Brown Band was in KC on Friday.  We got tickets with a group of friends and decided to make a fun night out of the ordeal.  We met for a few pre-drinks and even had the friends' nanny drive us downtown so we could fully enjoy our rare evening sans babies.  Between the four couples, we have seven kiddos, four of which are under eight months of age.  So, I'm pretty sure we were all ready for a little fun.  And that we had! 

The adult time was fantastic.  The concert was even better.  Zac Brown put on a great show!  PBR afterwards was...well, let's just say those few nights out per year are plenty for me!

Thanks friends for a fun and memorable night out!

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