21 Weeks: Half Baked and Then Some!

Well, 20 weeks came and went.  The same with 21!  I'm now 21 1/2 weeks pregnant and just can't motivate myself enough to blog every Monday.  Nonetheless, I'm over half way!  The bun in the oven is half baked!  It is now March (yay!), and in just over 4 months time, we will welcome our little one!  The thought excites me, but also scares me just a bit!  Every day is just one day closer to pushing a baby out of you-know-where.  Yikes!

I can finally say I feel pregnant!  And not at all in a bad way!  The reason?  I can feel the baby moving around in there!  It's like nothing I've ever felt before and I can't compare it to anything else.  But finally, at exactly 21 weeks, I knew for certain it was the baby.  I don't necessarily feel kicking or anything specific, but feel him squirming around quite often!  I also have the urge to pee all the time!  Even when I don't have to go much, the urge is still there!  Slightly annoying.  But...I can't complain one bit!  With the exception of a few days, I have had an awesome pregnancy!  I'm loving it so far! :)

The nursery is coming along quite nicely.  We now have a crib, a chest of drawers, a changing table, and some cute little, handmade, tissue balls hanging in the corner!  Bedding has been ordered, but has still not arrived.  A couple more weeks.

I have plans to go register in a couple of weeks!  I'm taking my friend (and experienced mommy) Rachel so I have an idea of what I need.  Already mommies--feel free to pass along any suggestions or favorite products1

In addition, we also booked a "babymoon"!  (Babymoon = one last getaway before baby.)  We are headed to San Diego in just nine days to spend a few days with my high school bestie, Sarah, and her hubby J.C.!  We are excited to get away for a few days, visit a new city, and, of course, see our friends!!  From the sounds of it, Sarah has some fun things planned (Rodeo Drive, Coronado, etc.)  Can't wait!

And now for the update...

How Far Along: 21 Weeks

Size of Baby:
A banana (~10.5 inches long and weighs ~13 ounces)

What's Happening:
Baby Sides is manufacturing meconium -- the tarry black substance in his first diaper.  Weird.

No specific cravings.  I must be abnormal.  The "I'm-hungry-all-the-time" phase is diminishing, too.  Don't get me wrong...I still need food on a regular basis, but I don't feel starving like I did in the past.

It's a BOY!

I am finally feeling the baby move!  And on a regular basis!  I was exactly 21 weeks the first time I felt him and knew one-hundred percent it was the baby.  It's such a strange, surreal, amazing feeling - like nothing else.  Craig even felt it (I mean, him...I need to get out of the habit of calling our baby an 'it') last night while laying on the couch.  He moves around off and on during the day, but becomes the most active in the evenings!

Sleeping just fine still!  Getting more accustomed to sleeping on my left side, but I still wake up in every other position possible!

Bought a few more maternity shirts today!  Still not quite big enough for the pants...they scare me anyway.  Getting dressed is the worst part of my mornings and I'm desperate for as many loose dresses as I can find in my closet!

Best Moment Recently:
Finally feeling the baby!

I missed last week, so here are bump photos from week 20 and 21!

20 Weeks:

21 Weeks:

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