24 Weeks: Pregnancy Brain?

Today marks 24-weeks in my pregnancy!  And I'm even posting this update on time!  According to thebump.com, Baby is the size of a grapefruit today.  His see-through skin is becoming more opaque and has a pinkish glow due to the recent forming of capillaries.  Otherwise, he's just packing on the pounds (or should I say ounces).

I'm not feeling any different from last week, so I'm going to skip over the journal update.  Same symptoms, same feelings, etc.  Though I did, for whatever reason, almost throw up yesterday while brushing my teeth.  That hasn't happened in awhile.

I didn't ever venture out to buy maternity pants.  I'm hoping the weather stays nice like it's been so I can get away with wearing comfy skirts and dresses on most days.  I love the skirt I wore today...it's Old Navy maternity and oh-so comfy!  Might have to order the gray and pinks ones, as well!  (Old Navy has a great selection of maternity clothes by the way--cute, trendy, and inexpensive.  Everything maternity I own is from there.  Love it!)

I will say I had two major blond moments today that I will blame on "pregnancy brain".  I've never really believed in such a thing and never experienced it...until today.

Number 1: I took a leftover sandwich to school for lunch today, but completely forgot I had it until I was halfway through with eating the salad I got from the lunchroom.  I'm going to blame this partially on the fact that I've been out of routine for a week during Spring Break.  Returning after a long break is always tough.  Throw in the fact that we sprung ahead an hour a week ago and it made for an especially exhausting day.  I'm still not sure how I forgot about my lunch.  We'll blame the rest on the pregnancy. :)

Number 2: I stopped at Michael's after school to pick up a few craft supplies.  After getting what I needed, I headed back out to my car, hit the unlock button, and attempted to open my car door.  I realized it hadn't unlocked and tried again.  Then I realized the reason it hadn't unlocked was because I was at the wrong car!! I snuck away quickly with hopes that no one noticed, jumped in the correct car, and drove off!  Oops.

Here's my 24 week bump.  Apparently I'm growing quickly.  One student walked into class today and said "Whoa you got big!"  The hubby calls me his penguin (big belly I guess--just wait 'til I start waddling!).  I'll take it as a compliment since I've always thought of penguins as super cute!

16 weeks to go!  It seems SO close in the grand scheme of things, yet so far away!

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