Old Navy Love

I've always thought pregnant girls are the cutest thing ever!  I can't say I always feel that way about myself, but having cute clothes definitely helps.  Since I'm growing out of many of my pre-pregnancy clothes, I figure I've got a darn good excuse to buy some new ones!

I am so thankful for Old Navy's maternity selection.  One, because their clothes are cute and trendy.  And two, because they are relatively cheap!  Target has some cute stuff, too, but a lot of their stuff is more expensive than I'm willing to spend. 

Check out some of my latest ON purchases!

I'm hoping this fits...I ordered it online and am waiting for it to arrive.  My thighs/butt region is rather large, so it could be a tad tight. *Fingers crossed*

I have this in grey...LOVE it with leggings.  Except that it's too short to wear to school.

The hubs isn't sure about the length of this dress...but I think it's adorable.  Plan on wearing it to one of my baby showers!

Such a cute outfit!  I bought the cropped denim jacket...are denim jackets out of style????

Love the length of maternity shirts!  I have a feeling I will add more of these tank tops to my wardrobe for summer!

I initially got this skirt in black...and went back to buy the gray one, as well.  It's SOOOO comfy!  And only $15!

Love these tight-fitting tees.  And only $10!  Side note: I sure do buy a lot of gray stuff...

Also got a blue and white striped one...I need a little color in my wardrobe!
This one isn't maternity, but it's loose-fitting and works well with the bump!  And for only $15, I couldn't resist!

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