23 Weeks: Appointment #5

Once again, I missed my update last Monday.  I've been great about taking weekly pictures, I'm just too lazy to journal about my progress every seven days.  We had our most recent appointment last Friday...a few days shy of four weeks since the last because our doctor is out of town all week this week.  This was the first appointment Craig didn't go with because of something work-related (not a big deal at all, the appointments last all of 10 minutes).  Unfortunately, our doctor was delivering a baby, so I had to see the nurse practitioner on duty.  Things seemed great though!  Heartbeat was 150ish, if I remember correctly, and luckily, I didn't gain another seven pounds like last month.  (I did gain some...I'm just not sure of the exact number because I {purposely} don't remember my weight last month...)

Speaking of weight gain, I have been feeling extra fat lately.  I know I'm supposed to be gaining weight, but it is quite depressing when clothes are extra tight in places other than my stomach.  My booty was big to begin with...nonetheless it continues to grow...perhaps at the same rate as my belly...and that is not good!!  My hips and boobs continue to grow, too.  It's not uncommon for me to come home from work and strip my pants because, well, it's easier/more comfy to not wear any!

Believe me, I'm not one to obsess about my weight or what I'm eating.  Throughout this pregnancy (and, well, life in general) I eat whatever I want, whenever I want it.  I just fear about the number of pounds I will gain total.  Average weight gain is 25 to 35 pounds...I'll be thrilled to stay under that 35 number.  Only time will tell, I guess.  I just only hope and pray and go on walks in the meantime.  I would like to apologize to the hubs who has to listen to my complain about feeling fat every day.  I'm sure these are all normal thoughts/complaints for all pregnant women though, right?

Next appointment is in four weeks!  We get to have another sonogram so they can check out a few things they weren't able to see the first time, so that's good!  But I also have to have blood drawn for the initial glucose test and have the shot for my negative blood type.  I am not at all looking forward to those things!!

In other baby news, I registered for a baby class through the hospital where we will deliver.  We begin classes around mid-May and will go every Monday night for a total of five weeks.  Should be fun just to meet other mommies and daddies-to-be and hopefully learn a few things to prepare us for what's to come!

We have been discussing names, and have a few that stick out, but haven't made any decisions.  The one we liked way back when is still a possibility, but we feel like we should explore all options before making any decisions.  When we do decide, we will not be sharing until the birth of Baby Boy Sides!  Gotta keep some things secret, right?

I'm also headed to register this weekend!  I'm taking an already-mommy friend along, otherwise I'd have no idea what to get!

And now for the update:

How Far Along: 23 Weeks

Size of Baby:
A pomegranate...what's a pomegranate anyway??  (~11 inches long and weighs around a pound)

What's Happening:
Baby Sides' face is now fully formed (minus some extra fat) and he's forming nipples.  He can also hear everything that's going on in the outside world!  He sleeps approximately 12 to 14 hours per day.

Still no specific cravings.

He's moving around in there quite frequently, but I can't distinguish between any of his movements yet (kick vs. turn).

I can no longer sleep on my stomach. :(  I always fall asleep on my left side and wake up in every other position possible.  I'm just not a left-side sleeper!  Hopefully Baby is okay with that!

I seem to be growing by the day.  Still wearing some of my pre-maternity pants (certain pairs still fit, others not at all) with my Bella Band.  I may venture out this week and look for some maternity pants...yikes.

Other Pregnancy Symptoms:
I'm not certain, but I think I may have experienced heartburn a couple of times last week.  Only it was more like throat-burn.  It was nothing serious and it disappeared after awhile.  I also wake up most days with sore, achy, and sometimes tingly hands.  Sometimes it's so bad, I have a hard time holding my toothbrush and squeezing toothpaste out of the tube!  The nurse practitioner said some women experience carpel-tunnel-like symptoms while pregnant, and said it's nothing to be worried about.  Weird.

Here are the recent bump photos!

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