Summer Fever

What an amazing Spring Break!!  With temperatures in the 80s, I could not ask for anything more!  I have loved every minute of the short-and-flip-flop-wearing weather, not to mention, our house feels so great with the windows open and breeze flowing through.  It's definitely giving me spring summer fever!

This summer, of course, will be a summer unlike any other.  Speaking of, I bought a maternity swimsuit the other day.  A one-piece.  The hubs was a little freaked out by the idea, but even he admits, it's a cute suit!  Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to send it back to exchange for a different size.  The small fits now...which means there's no way it'll fit come June!

Straps on

Straps off

Summer also means I'm off work until October-ish!  I haven't worked out all the details yet, but I'm planning to take about ten weeks of maternity leave.  Thank goodness, I'll have about that many sick days built up, so it should (fingers crossed) be paid!  Excellent!  Just over two months to go...3:30 on May 24 can't come quick enough!

Until then, I'll keep dreaming about summer and praying winter doesn't decide to return.  Now that we've gotten a glimpse of 80-degree weather, I'm not sure I can handle the 30s again. 

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  1. Cute suit! Where did you find it? I'm on the hunt for one too! Yay for summertime!!! :)