My 1st Baby Shower

I hosted my first baby shower last month!  Can I just say that I LOVE planning things like this!  (Parties, showers, weddings...I should have been an event planner!)

Here are some of the shower details!

The Cake:
Made by the same girl that did my wedding cake.  She's amazing and very reasonably priced!  KC friends--if you ever need a cake for anything, contact her!  Here's her website.  Not to mention, it's the best cake I've ever eaten!

The baby is made out of fondant!

The Favors:
So I totally stole this idea from a co-workers baby shower.  I loved it the moment I saw the picture on Facebook. =)  Little bottles of champagne with a note attached:

Tiny hands and tiny feet,
It's not too long before we meet!
When you hear the news that Baby (fill-in-the-black) is here,
Pop this bubbly, make a toast, and spread a little cheer!

They were quite the hit and my bottle(s) are waiting patiently in the refrigerator for little Baby Williams to arrive! 

The Set-Up:
(I was so excited to finally use my punch bowl!)

The Diaper Cake:
(Pretty proud of my creation!  Maybe a "how to" in an upcoming blog post!)

The Beautiful Mom-to-Be!

Such a cute baby bump!

Rachel, I'm very honored to have hosted your baby shower!  Can't wait for Baby Peanut's arrival! =)

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