New Year, New Job

No, no, not for me.  I barely have the motivation right now to return to my old job, let a lone taking on a new one!  Craig, on the other hand, has a new position with Xerox.  I can't explain exactly how it is different from the old one (you'd have to ask him), but basically instead of covering Topeka, Wichita, and Kansas City, he will cover those regions plus St. Louis and Omaha.  He will still support sales reps, but his reps will have fewer (but larger and more profitable) accounts.  The change is a good thing, especially if he wants to move up in the rankings of Xerox...but it means more travelling and overnight stays, which is the part I don't like. =(  We're trying to be optimistic about the change...for instance maybe during the summer, I can meet him in St. Louis for a weekend get-away...or he can earn lots of Marriott points and we can take more trips!  How's that for positive?? =)

He's heading to Virginia this Sunday for a week of training.  We've never been apart that long since we started dating!  Thank goodness for Kinnick to keep my company!  The training couldn't come at a worse time (in his eyes) though...the Chiefs play their first playoff game in how many years on Sunday and KU basketball plays Michigan later in the evening...all while he's en route to VA.  Sorry you have to miss them honey!!!!

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