My 28th Birthday Weekend

This past Saturday was my 28th birthday!  I can NOT believe I'm 28 years old already!  I still feel like I'm in my early 20s; though the late 20s have probably been the best of my life!

Saturday, I spent 12+ hours at a dance competition with 16 great girls!  They performed a total of 6 team routines and did a fantastic job!  I'll try to post some of the videos...but no guarantees it will work.

Team pic after the last performance

Girls with all their awards

Seniors at their last competition

Saturday night, Craig and I tried a new sushi restaurant called RA (pronounced raw).  We stopped by Cheesecake Factory on the way home to get a piece of birthday cheesecake. =)  Unfortunately, I have no pictures from Saturday night except one of our yummy sushi.

Birthday sushi

Yesterday, we headed to Snow Creek in Weston, MO for an afternoon of snow tubing with friends!  It was a blast, despite being only 20 degrees!  I had on 2 pairs of pants, 5 shirts, 2 pairs of socks, a heavy winter coat, snow pants, furry snow boots, and I used hand and feet warmers!  Craig kept calling me an oompa-loompa, but I don't care how stupid I looked because not once did I get cold!  After braving the cold for two hours, we went to an old cave bar in downtown Weston.  It was very cool and has a lot of history!!  We even got a tour and history lesson...turns out the cave dates way back to the days of the underground railroad!  Very cool!  And apparently, it's haunted!  Here are some pictures of our day trip to Weston (compliments of our friend Brandi--my camera decided to stop working properly this weekend).
Snow tubing experience #2.  We went last year on New Year's Eve with our friends Josh & Rachel.

Yes, that's right.  My husband threw a snowball at me and asked Brandi to take a picture of it in mid-air.  Such a sweet husband I have.

The group.

So much fun!

Waiting in line for the conveyor to the top

Erica lost her tube and slid the whole way down on her stomach!  Sooooo funny!  And Brandi happened to capture it on on camera!

On to the bar!


Me and Erica

The tunnel.  This is where the ghost has been spotted a couple times.

The lowest level, 45 feet below ground!

Yes that's right.  I wore sweats and slippers to the bar!

The tour guide/Irish singer.

Luckily, my school decided to give me yet another day off for my birthday and I got to enjoy a 3-day weekend!  (Ok, so really it's thanks to MLK Jr.)  So far, 28's been great!  Oh, and I almost forgot the best part of it all, my gift from Craig!  A gift certificate to a spa for the service of my choice!  Best. Gift. Ever.

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  1. THREE!! of my favorite people in the world are born on Jan 15th! My just-turned 1 year old great-niece Ellie who I am on my way to see right now, my oldest niece who I took out to dinner (with her husband & her best friend & her husband) on Saturday night & YOU! Unfortunately you get nothing but this post.