I Heart Break!...Part II

Well I'm down to my last 12 hours of Christmas break. Such a sad, sad day. =(  The second half of break was just as great as the first half! Here is some of what I did!

Christmas in Wichita 
My first Christmas away from Iowa turned out to be a pretty good one!  We spent 3 1/2 days at Craig's parents' house in Wichita.  Christmas Eve/Christmas day involved great food, fun, and games.

Craig and his cousin David playing Wii Just Dance
Nephew Connor and Niece Adley
Sushi Dinner with Wichita friends
We had a great dinner and night out with three of Craig's closest college friends (and groomsmen in our wedding).  Afterwards, we headed back to one of their houses for more good times.

Insight Bowl at the Other Place (hawkeye bar) with friends 
Thank goodness Iowa won!  It was what the fans and players needed after the disappointment of the last month. 
With friends Erica and Katie

Movies with my Hubby
Craig and I saw two movies in the theater over break - The Fighter and How Do You Know.  The Fighter was a pretty good movie; How Do You Know, on the other hand, sucked! (And I don't say that too often about chick flicks.)  We also rented a few from Red Box and On Demand...Craig was nice and let me watch Dear John!!


More Reading
Finished my second book of break and am working on the third!
Good, but not as good as Dear John.
Back to reality in the morning.  It's been such a wonderful break and I'll be counting down the days until my next one!

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    1. I hope you sent your fish back. Somebody forgot to cook it.