The Daily Dime - First Edition

Welcome to our first edition of The Daily Dime!  Remember, all you have to do is write a day-in-the-life style post (the daily part) that includes ten photos (the dime part) and link-up using the widget below!  By linking up this month (open for two weeks), you will be automatically subscribed to our email list with reminders for our future DD link-ups!  Speaking of, next month's will go live on Wednesday, July 12, so mark your calendars now!  One more thing - if you post on Insta, use the hashtag #thedailydimelinkup.  Can't wait to read about how perfectly imperfect your lives are!

Here's mine:

Date: Wednesday, June 7, 2017
 Brantley is one month shy of 5 years old.
Holden is 3 years + 2 months old.
Rhett is 6 months old.
This is my second week of summer break.
All photos were taken with my iPhone 6...I'm totally counting the days until I can upgrade to a 7-Plus with a better camera!

 Rhett was awake at 6:20am, so I gave him a bottle while I got myself ready (and by ready, I mean teeth brushed and contacts in) and then together, we headed out on a morning walk.  Last summer, I set my alarm so that I could enjoy an hour's worth of quiet time before the boys were up.  I used that time to blog, read blogs, browse social media, or just sit and enjoy my hot cup of coffee.  This year, no alarm is needed; Rhett is an early riser (6/6:30am) and instead of using my time to browse social media, I've been going for morning walks.  There's something extra peaceful about being outside at that time of day and it's always nice to get my heart pumping before the day gets too steamy.

Back at home.  The boys' clocks turn green at 7:30am, which means they can get up.  Of course, they are always "really hun-ga-ry" and want breakfast asap.  Breakfast usually consists of frozen waffles, frozen pancakes, or toast.  #gourmet

After breakfast, I head upstairs to change out of my walking clothes and into my daily apparel.  Summer days = shorts, a tank top, a messy mom-bun, mascara, and flip flops.  Ain't no time (or need) for showers, hair dryers, or makeup.  Also, after having that baby #3, I'm really loving elastic shorts like this!

Back downstairs.  Rhett is crying by now because he's high maintenance and likes to be held.  And he's sleepy.  He will go down for a morning nap around 9am, if we're home.  But four days out of five, we're out doing something, so lots of car and on-the-go naps.  Sorry, Rhett.

On this day, Brantley had Vacation Bible School and I had plans to meet a friend for coffee + the farmer's market.  Since I knew we were going to be gone for a while, I started the Roomba before we left.  Best feeling ever to come home to a clean house and vacuum lines. 😉  If you don't have a Roomba, get one!!!  It's a decision you will never regret!!

It was crazy hair day at VBS.  These are Brantely's neighbor friends (and idols), Easton and Griffin.  He adores them.  Lucky for me, their mama met me in the parking lot and walked Brantley inside.  I quickly learned what a pain it was to unbuckle my two littles, just to rebuckle them five minutes later.  Thank goodness for awesome friends!!

As I mentioned before, while Brantley was at VBS, the rest of us went to the farmer's market.  It has always been one of my favorite Wednesday morning things to do and I've gone sporadically since even before having kids.  This day's purchases: zucchini, a basil plant, and kale.  I hate buying basil every time I need it (which seems like a lot, that gets expensive) so I decided to plant my own, and I've been obsessed with this kale salad lately!

Back at home - after lunch, before naps.  Holden is in timeout because he hit Brantley.  Oh the joys of having multiple children, especially two only 21 months apart!  I know I should enjoy it now because the "days are long, but the years are short", but gosh it can be frustrating.  That, and I'm going to have a third kid that can chime in in just a couple of years. 😬

Naptime.  Not ashamed to admit it's one of my favorite times of the day (my other favorite times include when the kids awake in the morning and when they go to bed each night).  By afternoon, I'm beyond ready for a break!  Lately, Brantley's naps have been getting shorter and shorter and often times, we let him skip his nap (on weekends), take a short nap, or go rest for awhile.  I'm lucky to get an hour and fifteen minutes out of him and I'm extra lucky to get Rhett to nap at the same time as the other two!  Sometimes I spend nap time blogging, other times I nap myself!  On this day, I sat outsides for awhile and caught up on emails, then I went inside to lay down for awhile.

After naps, we headed to our neighborhood pool.  It took until week two of summer break for me to feel comfortable (ambitious enough) to take all three kids to the pool solo.  We got this little baby tent for Rhett and on this particular day, he was loving it!

That only takes me to about 4:30pm, but there are my ten photos!  Next time, I'll try to space them a little more evenly!  Thanks for following along and I can't wait to see what your ten photos show!


  1. I hear you on kiddos arguing and fighting. Mine are 2.5 years apart, but goodness can they be at each others throats. Then the next minute they play so well together. These kids!!

  2. Yeah I'd definitely end up with more than 10 photos, but I could try! Is that the OP farmers market?

  3. Where do you get your elastic shorts from?! I'm in need of some! Those look super comfy and casual. I feel like i have a hard time finding some that aren't too tight around my big thighs :)

    Ugh so jealous of your naptime/quite time...and Roomba. ;)

  4. Your morning walk, is it just you and Rhett? Because I wouldn't ever survive a walk with 3 boys and a dog.

  5. You are the cutest with your mom bun! Kudos to you going on morning walks and I totally giggled when you called Rhett "high maintenance" lol

  6. The Roomba is my BFF! And I love the way you have the artwork displayed in your kitchen! So cute!

  7. My photos only went until about 4 too! Our evenings are a whirlwind anyway. I love your summer uniform. It's not consistently hot yet here. But I'm ready for pool days!

  8. Girl, you are busy! I love that you start your morning with a walk though. Is Craig still home then so he's home with the boys while you're out?
    I'm also jealous that Brantley still naps. I think they try to have Mason nap at school, but he only sometimes does and I don't even try on weekends!

  9. I love that you start your day with a walk. I have been doing that since school has gotten out and I love it. I love the extra quiet time in the morning as well. I want a Roomba so bad, I didn't know until a few days ago that it would not go down the stairs so now I REALLY want one!

  10. I haven't been brave enough to take my one child to the pool at my parents house, so I'm super impressed that you're taking three kiddos on your own!

    I'd love a Roomba, but for some reason, I feel like our dog would fight with it! Ha!

  11. I haven't been brave enough to take my one child to the pool at my parents house so I'm super impressed that you took three kiddos by yourself!

    I'd love to have a Roomba, but for some reason, I think our dog would fight with it! Ha!!