Five Things that Never Made the Blog

 Although life with three hasn't been nearly as challenging as I had expected, it is still exhausting!  The day I returned to work from my maternity leave, I lost all motivation to blog.  As a result, there were lots of things that happened this spring that I wanted to blog about, I just never mustered up the energy to do so.  So here's a little big recap.  My plan is to do another recap next week in hopes of finally feeling caught up!  And then it's on to summer shenanigans!

*Caution: Photo heavy post!*

 | one |

The boys were baptized.  Here's the short version: we started attending a Methodist church near our house in 2016.  At that time, neither Brantley nor Holden had been baptized and we knew it was something we wanted for both of them sometime in the near future.  Shortly after, we learned of Rhett's existence so we decided to wait for his arrival to baptize all three of them together!  That day finally came in January.  Both sets of grandparents came to visit that weekend so they could witness to this very special event.  I was nervous for the two younger boys to cooperate on stage, but both did exceptionally well!

| two |

Easter.  Our neighborhood had an Easter egg hunt the weekend prior to Easter and then we spent Easter weekend with Craig's family in Wichita.  Traveling for Easter is always a challenge when we have to get back home for work on Monday, but luckily I had Good Friday off this year.  Easter weekend included a trip to the mall to see the Easter Bunny, egg decorating at Aunt Monica's, and Easter brunch at Grandma & Papa's.

| three |

While in Wichita for Easter weekend, we hit up the zoo with two of the boys' cousins.  There's no shortage of attention when spending time with these two!

| four |

Our kids learned to ride bikes - Brantley his big boy bike and Holden the balance bike!  Brantley had been riding the balance bike for the past year and we switched him cold turkey of any training wheels.  There was still a bit of a learning curve, but I'm fully convinced a balance bike is the way to go!  Holden was excited about being handed down the balance bike and surprised us by catching on to the balance part after just a few practices (versus Brantley, who we had to bribe to practice last summer; it took him weeks to catch on).  Perhaps because I taught both of them myself (I'm the resident bike trainer, Craig is the potty trainer), but these have been a few of my proudest moments of parenting thus far!


| five |

Holden turned three!  This deserves a post of it's own, so head here for a few more balloon pictures and here to read about his third birthday recap!  (I typically don't back date posts because I like to keep things #reallife here on the blog, but I want this one to be semi-chronological so when he looks back someday, he don't feel the wrath of #middlechildsyndrome!)

Okay!  Halfway there!  Another recap coming next week!  Happy Friday!

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  1. You are so brave to recap, I cant even muster the energy to think of all the things that didnt make the blog lol. But I love all your pictures as always!

  2. Girl, I NEED to do this too! I love the way you did it in a "things that never made the blog" type of post. I might have to steal your idea next week when I finally catch up. Hope you don't mind ;)
    Also, what kind of balance bike is that? Mason is a pro at the tricycle but Iim debating a balance bike or a real bike with training wheels for him for his birthday or Christmas.

  3. That baptism is so sweet--all three boys at once! Such some fun memories!

  4. I love that you caught up, what a fantastic couple of months. We just taught my oldest how to ride a bike this weekend, he did fantastic, he was more than ready, as he caught on in the first 10 minutes. Now if only the smallest would show some interest, she doesn't even know how to peddle the trike, haha.

  5. What a special time having them all three baptized together!! We are dedicating Mason to the Lord on Sunday!! I loved this recap and getting to take a peek at what you guys have been up to lately. Great pictures sweet friend!!