Rhett Kauffman: 6 Months Old

It's true what they say - time flies when you're having fun!  Six months in and I'm really loving this three-kid thing!  It just feels right and dare I say, it's been easier than expected?!  Of course, now is when the real test begins (i.e. home alone with you and your brothers alllll day every day!), but I'm excited and grateful for the next two months as a seasonal SAHM.  

But really--six months old already?!  You're on the upside (downside?) of your first year of life and it's crazy to think you are closer to O-N-E than a newborn!  I feel like you've aged so much in just the past month.  You are holding your own bottles (which is huuuuuge, you even bring your bottle to your mouth on your own), you get up on your hands and knees like you're going to crawl (though you're still far from that I think), and love to "stand" with our help.  You are still small (weight tbd at your 6-month appointment next week) and still, shall I say, high maintenance?  You love to be held and prefer that over all other things, but I have noticed that when you want to be held the most, you are just really tired!

You're not on any sort of schedule just yet, nor do I plan to put you on one.  The last thing I want is for your brothers is to be stuck at home because "little brother has to nap".  If we're home, you usually nap around 9am and again in the afternoon, but we definitely don't make a point to stay home just for naptime.  And you know what, so far, you've just rolled with it!

Other six-month things:

According to your brothers, you are now zero and a half.  Isn't that the truth!

You attended your first Royals game and we got the certificate to prove it!  The lady even questioned how to spell your middle name, which is the same as the name of the stadium!!!! 😳

We said farewell to our best daycare lady!  Oh how I wish you could spend the rest of your preschool years with Ms. Stephanie, but it makes so much more sense to have you closer to our neck of the woods!

You took your first dip in our neighborhood pool!  You didn't love it, but I don't blame you...it's freezing!  I hope that changes as the summer progresses.  For now, we'll put you in the little baby tent we bought!

You had one of my ex-high school student babysitters two weekends in a row, which Mommy and Daddy went to the Garth Brooks concert and the Lenexa Art Fair.  Not gonna lie, it felt so good to get away and the babysitters both said you were a dream of a baby!

No signs of any teeth yet, but you sure are gnawing on everything can you get your hands on!

You helped me celebrate my first Mother's Day as a mom of three!  And I finally got a new necklace that includes your name!

You are mature enough to grasp and "play" with toys.  Sophie the Giraffe is probably you're favorite. 

You are still rockin' the sleep thing!  11ish hours every night and no complaints here!  Thank you, sweet boy!

6 Months of Rhett

Size: Will update after your appointment next week!

Words: Lots of raspberries + babbles + coos.

Activity: Rollin' rollin' rollin' around on the floor and spending time in the jumper.  Otherwise, you're usually napping or being held.

Food: 6 ounces four or five times per day.

Sleep: 10 to 11 hours overnight.

Bedtime/Waketime: Bedtime around 7:30pm and you typically wake around 6/6:30am.

Hair: People comment all the time about how reddish tinted it is.  Seems to be growing a tad.

Eyes: Blue with growing eyelashes!

Teeth: None yet, but probably soon!

Wardrobe: Mostly 3-6 month clothing, with some 6-12 month items thrown in.

Diapers: Size 2.

Likes: Your paci, your brother, being held, your brothers, car/stroller rides, being talked to, chewing on your fingers, your mama, observing everything around you.

Dislikes: Being hungry, being tired, being left alone.

Mommy Update: Still losing hair like it's my job.

Mommy's Fave - Getting to spend time with you 24/7 now!!!



  1. Zero and a half- now that is precious!! Im so encouraged by your proclamations of adjusting to three hasnt been too crazy! Gives me hope :)

  2. He has gotten so big so fast! And I am so impressed with all you do and mange with 3 little human beings to raise. I can barely handle one some days.

  3. So many firsts this month! And you give me so much confidence that three will be a breeze!

  4. He is so cute!! You are seriously rocking this 3 kid thing...almost makes me want a third ;) post-partum hair loss is the worst and so annoying!