Pre-K Graduate (Round One)

Another year of preschool in the books for Brantley!  With a July birthday, we have decided to wait another year before sending him to kindergarten, so although most of his preschool classmates are headed there this fall, he is not.  However, because we are changing daycare/preschools, it still seemed like a graduation of sorts and Craig and I were beyond excited to take a few hours off of work to celebrate this special occasion with our oldest.

The celebration wasn't a typical graduation, but the kids did sing some songs and each was called on stage to pose with their certificate and teachers.

Brantley got so lucky with his teachers this year.  Mrs. Grau and Mrs. Larson are both amazing women and so, so dedicated to their jobs.  And I especially loved each of their Iowa connections. 😉  Seriously though, they taught him so much and he really looked up to both of these special ladies.  (Weird story, one his teachers has a blog and I followed it long before she was Brantley's teacher!)

After the graduation, we all went outdoors for a picnic.  It was a crazy windy day, but beyond that, the weather couldn't have been more perfect.
Brantley was so lucky to attend preschool with these two daycare friends, Jace and Drew.  They've been together at preschool for two full years and at daycare for a couple more!  They may play like besties and fight like brothers, but boy was it easier sending my barely three-year old to preschool knowing he had these two by his side!

We have loved every minute of watching Brantley grow academically and socially and we are so thankful for two amazing years of preschool at this Presbyterian church.  We are extra proud of our pre-K (round one) graduate and can't wait to see what the future has in store!

And just for fun, a comparison photo.  Because isn't that what taking first and last day photos is all about?


  1. Oh my word! He has gotten so big since starting school. These photos are bittersweet!

  2. Awww! I love this so much! It made me feel such relief and gave me a good reminder of why we are waiting with Cameron too. These summer birthday boys.

  3. Oh my word! SO precious. He has grown so much!! I adore all of these photos, friend!!

  4. That's awesome that you had the opportunity to make the decision to hold him back one more year. While I think Mason is probably ready for the challenge of kindergarten, here in CA, if I don't put him in now and let him do another year of preschool, since he'll turn six next summer, they'd automatically put him in to first grade. It's a crazy rule, so I'm opting for kindergarten this year and see how he does and if I really think he needs to, I'll fight to get him held back and repeat kindergarten. We shall see!