Father's Day Gift Guide

One of my favorite posts to put together is this - a Father's Day gift guide!  It's no secret guys are tough to shop for, but I actually enjoy hunting the Internet for things guys would love and/or searching our house for things that I think other dads would appreciate.  If you're still in the market for the perfect Father's Day gift, here are some ideas!

Beer Bottle Opener - If the special dad in your life drinks beer and doesn't yet have one of these, buy one ASAP!  Guaranteed to be a hit at any party!

Extension Cord Winder - I bought this for my husband last Father's Day and he said it's the best thing I've ever given him!  If your husband/dad likes organization, he will love this!

Apple Watch - This is #1 on my husband's list!  It need not an explanation as anything Apple invents is sure to be amazing.

Smart Phone Car Mount  - This just makes sense if you use your phone for directions while driving.  Seems safer, too.

Rechargeable Crank Flashlight - This is like the Ferrari of flashlights!  Not only is it a waterproof, rechargeable (by cranking) flashlight, it's also a window breaker + seatbelt cutter + compass + USB charger + red light flasher!  Impressed yet?  I am!  It gets great reviews, too!  Buying one of these for myself!

Floozi - In all honesty, I'm not sure how we don't already have one of these in our life!  A floating koozi?  Yes, please!

Next Thermostat - Guys enjoy controlling things from their phones and this thermostat allows them to do just that.  We got one of these a year ago and at first, I wasn't convinced.  But adjusting the temperature from the comfort of your bed is as great as it sounds!  Plus, since the Nest is linked to your phone, it knows when you're not home and will adjust the temperature to save energy!  (This version in compatible with Amazon Alexa, which would be a another great gift idea!)

Custom Yeti - What's better than a Yeti?  I custom Yeti at no additional cost!  You can add a design (collegiate to coastal), monogram, or text to any style of Yeti!  

Smart Suitcase - Have you seen these things?  Ummm amazing.  GPS allows you to track your suitcase anywhere in the world, a built-in scale will weight it, lock/unlock is controlled from your smartphone, and there is a port to charge your iPhone six times over.  The future is here, people.  

Craft Beer Glass Set - Not nearly as impressive as the last idea, but a lot more budget friendly!  And beer just tastes better from a fancy glass!


  1. These are amazing! Thanks you, Sarah! I am ordering one of those flashlights for all the dads in my life.

  2. I need that phone mount for MY car!
    The floozi is genius. We are in the pool SO often in the summer, I don't know how we don't already have one of those either.