Announcing...The Daily Dime {A Link-Up}

Hey, friends!  My blogging game has been lacking big time (#threekids), but today I'm excited to share an upcoming link-up that I hope helps me get back into the swing of things!  Introducing The Daily Dime!  I'll be hosting this link-up once a month (around the middle of each month) along with a few other mom bloggers + a different guest host each month!  The post will be super easy and very real life to write - which are two musts in my life these days!  All you have to do is take ten photos on any given day and blog about them - basically a Day in the Life post but with photos - then come back here to link up!  Sounds easy, right?  And it's always fun to eavesdrop on someone else's life anyway...essentially what blogging's all about! 😉

Our first link-up is one week from today, so pick a day between now and then, grab your camera (or more realistically, your iPhone...#reallife remember?), and snap away!  I'm so excited to see how how our days compare!

For reference, July and August link-ups will go live as follows:
July 12
August 16

And be sure to check out the other hosts' blogs.  A few are new to me, but I'm loving what I see!

 Kristin // Taz + Belly
Kristy // Seven Graces
Kerry // XO Kerry
Courtney // Our Alabama Life

And last thing, we will be looking for guest hosts, so if you are interested, please contact one of the hosts!  In the meantime, be sure and link up because we're more likely to choose a guest host who participates regularly! 

See you next Wednesday, friends!


  1. I am eager to join this link-up. I think it's the perfect way to do a day in the life post without all the extras.

  2. Sounds like a whole lot of fun, I'm in. :)

  3. Oh, how fun! Hopefully I can remember to take 10 pictures in one day that aren't of the same thing. lol. (but seriously.)

  4. It's too late for me to do this this month, but joining in on the other months. Going to share this on my Blog Love Friday Favorites.

  5. What a fun new link-up! I can't wait to join in.

  6. Well doesn't this sound fun!! I'll be in for next month for sure!

  7. I'm super late but I just heard about this from WMMblog. What a great link-up idea! Can't wait to participate! Do you guys have a button that redirects back to you it goes live?