{Nearly} 9 Months Pregnant With 3.0

I'm still a few days shy, but wanted to get my thoughts written down in case I don't make it to my due date.  First things first, I truly expected to have a baby by now.  Holden was born at 39 weeks + 3 days, and for whatever reason, I just assumed this baby would come even earlier.  I was really hoping to have a baby before Thanksgiving.  I preferred a baby before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, you know, for future birthday party planning and such.  I was also hoping for a birthday on the 21st or sooner so that he would never have to share his birthday with Thanksgiving.  (Of course, the 29th or later would also do the trick...I may cry if I'm still pregnant on the 29th!)  But clearly, none of that has panned out as I had hoped.

Next, I've always gone by a due date of November 25.  Even though I first calculated my due date to be the 27th, I specifically remember my doctor giving it to me as the 25th.  Since that was two days earlier--duh--I went with it!  Then, a few weeks ago, she was looking at my chart and said something about the 27th.  Womp womp.  Long story short, I think she told me incorrectly at my first appointment back in March.  My official due date is more realistically the 27th...not the 25th.  Two whole days later is an eternity to someone who is 36+ weeks pregnant so that was also slightly disappointing...mainly because I'm a numbers girl and I would never remember a date incorrectly!  That puts me at 39 weeks + 2 days today, not the 39 + 4 I had calculated all along.  Nonetheless, I expected to have a baby by now.

As for my progress, at my last appointment (last Thursday, 38 weeks + 4), I measured 2cm and 50% effaced.  Although a lot of girls would kill for that kind of progress, it was sort of a let down for me.  At 38 weeks + 6 days with Holden, I was 3-4 cm and 80% effaced, so anything less felt like a failure.  Just another reminder how different two pregnancies can be, I suppose!

Speaking of, last Thursday night was an interesting one.  I started feeling lightheaded around 7pm and immediately went to lie down.  I dozed off and on, but woke up to some painful contractions around 9pm.  They were fairly strong and fairly consistent.  Enough so that I texted a neighbor and asked her to keep her phone nearby that night.  At around 10pm, I was in so much pain that both Craig and myself were convinced I was in labor.  We texted our neighbor again, packed our bags, got ready to head to the hospital.  And then as quickly as they came on, the contractions stopped.  I didn't sleep a wink that night (equally confused and hopeful the contractions would begin again) and it was a struggle to get through the school day on Friday when 12+ hours earlier, I assumed I'd have a baby in my arms by that morning.  I'm still really confused by that night and had Craig not witnessed the pain I was in, I would have thought I dreamt it.

On a positive note, today is my final day of work until the end of February.  That's a huge relief, as teaching was causing so much of my exhaustion!  I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders just knowing I don't have to return to work for 12 weeks.  Then again, I'd prefer to spend my maternity leave with a baby on the outside and not the inside, but I'm still hopeful he will come before my leave officially begins next Monday.

I'm still nervous about labor and delivery happening too quickly.  One, I want need that epidural.  But two, and on a more serious note, I tested positive for Group B Strep (for the first time ever this pregnancy), which means two doses of antibiotics--spaced four hours apart--are required before delivery.  My entire labor with Holden was just over four hours from start to finish and I'm nervous about not getting the antibiotics I need to keep the baby safe.  Not protecting the baby from the bacteria can lead to serious infections including pneumonia and meningitis (ironically, those are what landed Brantley in the NICU for two fulls weeks).  The thought of another NICU baby terrifies me, especially with two additional kids at home this time.  Any prayers you could send my way would be greatly appreciated!

As for how I'm feeling, some days I feel great!  Some days I feel defeated.  The acid reflux is my biggest complaint right now.  I will literally wake up overnight choking and gagging on the acid.  And oddly enough, it vanished for about a week, but came back stronger than ever.  I also have no signs of an impending labor.  Minus those contractions last Thursday, I feel completely and totally normal, like labor is no where near.  However, I also keep reminding myself that I went from normal to labor very quickly with Holden so I know it's a possibility.

So that's where my mind is right now.  Impatient, for sure, but anxious, ready, and excited to meet this new little man!  I know he'll be here soon.  I just really wish it was sooner than later.


How Far Along: Almost 9 months (39 weeks and 2 days)

Size of Baby: The size of a watermelon

Gender: Baby BOY #3!

Weight Gain: Close to 50 pounds...yikes!

Food Cravings: Nothing specific

Food Aversions: No aversions either

Movement: Still moving in there.

Sleep: I could definitely be sleeping better.  It's hard to get comfortable and the acid reflux wakes me up quite frequently throughout the night.

Clothing: I feel like I've been living in leggings lately.

Other Pregnancy Symptoms: See above.

What I Miss: I don't even know.

Best Moment: My neighbors threw me a baby sprinkle a few weeks ago.  We got our nails done, went to dinner, and they spoiled Baby with most of the items on my wishlist!

Looking Forward To: The obvious.


  1. I would be disappointed too on the due date actually being two days later. Fingers crossed he comes before that. Maybe tonight, so you can go home on Thanksgiving and enjoy some yummy food? :) I tested positive for Strep B too and Emmy was born so quickly. I was only at the hospital for 50 minutes before she was out. The first round of meds didn't even get into my system from the iv before she was out. The doctor just keep monitoring her and there were no issues. You've got this momma. I can't wait to hear that he's here.

  2. Ugh I'm sorry there's still no baby!! I was lucky (or unlucky, depends on how you look at it) that 2 of my deliveries were scheduled at 39 weeks on the dot because they were c-sections, and well Ella just decided to come out 8 weeks early so I had no time to wish she was out, LOL.

    I had no idea Brantley was in the NICU for a couple weeks - I know how hard that is. Did he have pneumonia and meningitis? That is SO scary. I am praying you have enough time with this delivery to get the antibiotics you need.

    And I'm so sorry you are having acid reflux that bad!! Remember I told you that was my worst thing ever throughout baby #3, it is absolutely horrible!! Hang in there and happy last day of work!!

  3. I hope little Mister surprises you and comes sooner! I can't wait to meet that little guy. I will be praying that you get the antibiotics you need before his arrival! Big hugs sweet lady.

  4. I'm glad that you're done with school/work for now. I can imagine that's a big burden lifted off of you for sure! Hoping everything goes smoothly, and maybe you'll get that 25th!!

  5. Prayers to you and Baby 3! I totally understand your impatience- Kinsey was a 38w 4d and Brielana was 39w 6d and I was d-y-i-n-g to hold her already! Can you get your memebrane stripped or is that off the table due to the positive Group B reading? Sending you love and baby birthing wishes lol

  6. Really all the way at 36 weeks, your doctor says "oops I calculated the date wrong"? Come on lady. Just know in your head that you're wrong and let the mom think that the baby is late. I feel like that would have been better than saying oops, let's add two days to your due date. Ugh. I'm sorry. Thinking positive baby vibes!!! Come on baby, we want to meet you!

  7. You got this, Sarah! I have been thinking about you and can't wait to see the good news come across my IG feed!