Dressing Your Bump: Maternity Style

For the most part, I have really enjoyed dressing my bump throughout my {three} pregnancies.  I have a fairly positive body image overall, but I would say it's even better while pregnant.  Perhaps because there's an excuse for all the imperfections, or maybe just because everyone loves a good baby bump.  At any rate, I thought I would share a few of my favorite maternity pieces and some tips for fashionably (and inexpensively) dressing the bump in your life!

Tip #1
Stock up on the basics - a couple of plain tees (I like white) and tank tops.  These items can easily be paired with jeans or leggings and layered with non-maternity tops (see tip #2). The best tank in my opinion is this Liz Lange version from Target (I even wear it non-pregnant!), although I have a number of these maternity tanks from Old Navy, too!  As for a basic tee, my favorite is an Old Navy tee I bought while pregnant with Brantley; though this isn't the exact one, it's similar.

tank* // tank* // tee

Tip #2
Make use of your non-maternity tops like like cardigans, button-ups, kimonos, and jackets.  These items can be used for layering and/or making a summery dress colder-weather appropriate.  They also make you feel a little more normal when you've likely gained more weight than you care to admit!

cardigan // chambray button-up // flannel button-up // kimono // demin jacket* // military jacket

one // two* / three* // four // five

Tip #3
Invest in a good pair or two of jeans.  Sure, it may be hard to stomach the price of something you will wear for 6ish months, but a good pair is worth it in my opinion.  The styles have changed so much from my first pregnancy, I purchased two new pairs for this round.  One skinny pair from Stitch Fix (that fit like a dream, I highly recommend SF jeans!!!) and another boyfriend-style pair from Old Navy.  I love the look of these boyfriend-style jeans, but I definitely recommend the full panel over the below-belly version.  I always felt like my butt crack was hanging out with the below-belly ones!

 boyfriend jeans*

Tip #4
Similarly, buy a pair (or two) of good maternity leggings - something that is not see-through!  I have literally lived in this pair (which is thick enough to qualify as pants) during the past few months of this pregnancy and I love them!!


Tip #5
Shop for non-maternity tunics, tops, and shift dresses that are ever so trendy right now!  Even at 39+ weeks pregnant, I'm wearing a number of things that are non-maternity because flowy/baggy/drapey is totally in right now!  Here are some options!

one // two // three // four // five // six

one // two // three* // four* // five // six

Tip #6
Indulge in a few maternity pieces!  There are some seriously adorable maternity clothes out there and this is the only time in your life when you get to wear them!  So give yourself an allowance to buy some!

 one* // two // three // four // five // six

 *Asterisks indicate items I have the exact version of.

And finally, here are some of my favorite outfits as inspiration!  Many of these include pieces I linked to above (or items very similar) and many include non-maternity pieces!


  1. You look amazing in all of your maternity outfits. I think part of it is your smile. You've got such a great one and the baby bump is adorable. I think baby bumps are the cutest! :)

  2. I totally agree...I always felt confident in myself showing off my bump...and cute! Until the end when I just felt like a whale. I also have a couple of those liz lange maternity tanks from Target and STILL wear them weekly :) I love all your outfits...way to enjoy and show off that final baby bump!! Yay!

  3. You are so stinkin' adorable, do you know that?!

  4. I wore a lot of dresses when I was pregnant. It was just so easy to dress my growing belly thanks to the give and flow of some of my favorite non-maternity dresses.

  5. You are so DARLING!! I have enjoyed all your weekly bump pictures. And I agree I take more fashion "risks" when pregnant, no one can fault a pregnant woman ;)

  6. I agree, full panels all the way on pants! I made that big mistake with Wyatt and hated the below belly pants. Love all of your outfits; definitely saving it for later! ;)

  7. Those tips are fantastic! I'm just moving into maternity clothes with my second pregnancy so I need to remember how to dress. ;-)

  8. You're so cute and I absolutely love your bump style! I wish I had dressed mine up more when I had it!

  9. Great tips! I love your maternity style! I never got the chance to wear cute fall/winter maternity clothes, I think that may have had me liking the way I looked a little bit better.

  10. These are great tips! You always look so adorable.

  11. Such cute and fashionable styles here. I love all of them. Especially the tees.

  12. Love your tips for dressing the bump! I invested in some great tank tops and leggings to get me through the last few weeks of this pregnancy!

  13. Great tips! Most of my maternity clothes aren't actually maternity clothes which is nice because then I save money. ;) But I totally agree that investing in a couple pairs of maternity jeans is a great idea. My sister never bought a pair and she was uncomfortable and ruined all her jeans and had to buy new ones after her kids were born.

  14. You and your bump are so cute! I am nearing my 2nd trimester and looking forward to actually having a bump :). Pinning this for future reference!

  15. I love your stylish and comfortable maternity dresses. All are great dresses and the bump style and maternity style dresses are easy to wear while pregnancy.