My Christmas List + a HUGE Stitch Fix Giveaway

I always enjoy putting together my Christmas wishlist.  Perhaps it's just me, but I never seem to struggle with finding things I want! 😉  I also get lots of ideas from other bloggers' gift guides, so perhaps that's why I find these lists so much fun!  At any rate, I would not be sad to find a few of these things under our tree on Christmas morning.

Sperry Duck Boots - Confession: I had never heard of duck boots until just a few weeks ago when I saw them featured on a few blogs I follow!  And it was precisely then when I decided I need a pair!

BP Square Stud Earrings - Seriously two pair of earrings for under $10?!  I love the pink and gold, but at that price, I'll take all of the color combos!!

Dainty Silver Slide Bracelet - Not only is this an adorable bracelet, but it doubles as an essential oil diffuser!  Ummmm yes please!  My only wish is that the metal was gold instead of silver.

Johnny Apple Peeler - You know you're old when your Christmas list contains an apple peeler!  In all honesty, at only $20 I could buy one myself, but why when family is always asking for ideas!?

UV Nail Lamp - So my neighbor Ali has a UV nail lamp.  She is constantly giving all of us gel manis and not only does the polish last longer, but it looks so much better than regular nail polish (and there's no waiting for the polish to dry).  Her lamp was $100+, but this one with decent reviews is under $40!

xKCx Dad Hat - I have wanted one of these KC hats since last summer, and even tried to buy one on multiple occasions only to learn they were out of stock.  Need one of these ASAP.  (I also love the denim version...I will gladly take one of each please!)

Portable Charger - My phone is not even two years old, but it can't seem to make it through the day without charging two or three times!  I am intrigued by the Mophie case + battery pack, but I'm worried about giving up the protection of my Otterbox.  (Last time I went without an Otterbox I shattered my screen.)  This $13 portable charger seems to be a fine alternative and could easily be stored in my purse.

Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Slicer - Zoodles (zucchini noodles) are all the rage right and they sound like something right up my alley!  I really want to give them a try, but first, I need a veggie slicer!

Rib Knit Fringe Scarf - One can never have too many scarves!  I loooooove the fringe on this one and love its neutral color.

Classic Dianne Shirt Extender - When my friend and fellow blogger, Vanessa, posted about these last summer, I knew instantly I wanted one!  Unfortunately, the style I want (the off-white asymmetrical) is sold out, but perhaps they'll be restocked soon?

Nickle & Suede Earrings - I have a few pairs of leather earrings and I love them!  I love the texture/pattern of this pair, but I'd pretty much take any pair!

Stitch Fix Gift Cards - And finally, gift cards!!!  After taking a Stitch Fix break while pregnant (except for one maternity box), I'm ready to partake in this fun service again!  In fact, I already have a fix scheduled for January and I'm excited to shop normal clothes once again!  But of course, buying clothes is always more fun when you're spending someone else's money!

Speaking of, I'm giving away a pretty significant Stitch Fix gift card along with a handful of other bloggers!!  This would sure make for a fabulous Christmas gift and I'm slightly jealous I can't win it myself!!  Pretty sure it would make not only my Christmas, but my entire year!!  Enter via the Rafflecopter below and best of luck!!


  1. I absolutely LOVE my veggie slicer for zoodles! I'm totally hooked on them...this year I asked for the Kitchenaid mixer attachment spiralizer!

  2. I have absolutely zero reason to have duck boots where I live, but I love them and want them. Perhaps if I promise to go duck hunting with Nate (at least once) he would be on board. haha. One could only hope! What an incredible giveaway!!

  3. Get those boots! I'm loving mine! I'll also need to check out that diffuser bracelet for sure!

  4. Duck boots are so awesome. I really have no reason to get them here and I have an old pair that I wear, but man are they fun. Love your wishlist!

  5. Ooooh, you have a good list! Those earrings are adorable. We have a Pampered Chef apple peeler that looks a lot like the one on your list. I don't use it often, but I'm SO thankful for it when I do!

  6. I lol'd at the apple peeler and being old.. I have a cheese slicer on my list! Haha

  7. I love those duck boots! I've been eyeing the LLBean version but I think I like the Sperry version more!

  8. Duck boots are on my list, too! I hate having cold, wet feet!

  9. Apple peeler & duck boots! Some for me too please!