Confessions - Round 2

Confession #1: Ever since participating in this link-up two weeks ago, I've kept a running list of new confessions in my phone so that I could participate again!  I mean, who knew I had so many confessions??

I confess that...I was ready to pour a glass of wine last night at 5:45.  Anyone else's kids been beyond challenging this week?

Speaking of, I confess that...I haven't purchased a bottle of wine in months.  Bota boxes all the way!

I confess that...I have a love/hate relationship with other blogs.  All the sponsorships, all the "know-it-all" posts, and all the posts just aimed at gaining more popularity really irk me.  I'm all about sharing and making a little extra cash if you're able, but it's also easy to tell a genuine blogger from one who is not.  I love, love, love sharing with others, but at the same time, I hope my blog never becomes inauthentic and annoying.

I confess that...I'm reeeeeally close to seeing what Reality Steve has to say about The Bachelor finale.  Trying to stay strong here, but two weeks is a long time to wait!  (P.S. I'm rooting for Lauren and I think she's the true front runner.  But I also think he's enamored with JoJo and something tells me she's going to be the one standing in the end.) (P.P.S. No spoilers please!!!)

Yesterday I mentioned that we went to the Blake Shelton concert last Friday.  I confess that...I've never loved Blake or his music, but a kid-free night with friends sounded like a grand ole plan when we bought tickets five months ago!  

And it was.  I confess that...I may or may not have had a tad too much fun at the concert and I may or may not owe Craig big time for watching our kids a good portion of the next day.

I confess that...when I moved to Kansas, I refused to go to Sonic.  They are on every street corner here, but I had no idea how to order!  So I just didn't go.  Until a co-worker found out and demanded to take me for "training".

I confess that...I'm also intimated by car washes.

I confess that...I'm a total snoozer in the mornings.  I set my alarm for a good 15-20 minutes before I have to get up, and even after snoozing once or twice, I lay in bed and browse social media.

I confess that...I'm going to an all-day blog conference on Saturday and I've been stressing all week about what to wear!

I confess that...I do 95% of my grocery shopping at Walmart and I'm proud of it.  It's hard not to with their low prices and Savings Catcher app!

I confess that...last night, while I was making dinner Brantley threw Holden's sock in the pot of boiling pasta.  And we still ate it.

And that sounds like a great place to end today.  Happy Thursday!

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  1. I'm totally with you on the blogs. I'm noticing that more & more.

    Do you have an Aldi close by? We do about 95% of our shopping there & what we can't find or don't like of the Aldi brand, we will go to our local grocery store or Walmart. Have great Thursday!

  2. Agreed on the blogs - I actually stopped following a handful of blogs because every post was an inauthentic sponsored posts. I have no problem with sponsored posts, but come on now - not EVERY post needs to be sponsored!

    LOL to the sock in the pasta. I would've still eaten it too!

  3. Totally agree on the blogs. I started to go that route about a year ago and had to remind myself why I started blogging in the first place! Also, your blog is now one of my to 5! Love how honest you are! :)

  4. Cracking up over the sock in the pasta! I bet that was fun to fish out!

  5. Hehe...socks in the pasta! A few weeks ago my 3 year old threw his pajama bottoms in the air and they landed inside the light fixture in his bedroom unbeknownst to us. Twenty minutes later we smelled smoke and it was on fire!! Yikes!!

  6. I would have eaten the pasta too! And I confess I cracked open some wine we had in our office at like, 3pm yesterday!! It was a rough day. At least I shared with my coworkers!

  7. Gah - YES to the blogs that lose their "realness." I've had to stop reading a few that I used to religiously click on. So many sponsorships, so many "this is better than that" opinions. I just can't. Don't get me wrong, I love when a product (I genuinely love) comes my way for free, but I never want to "sell" out all in the name of a buck.
    I was totally intimated by Sonics, too! But now I miss them terribly. A big ol' Ocean Water sounds mighty fine right about now.
    Bahaha - the sock in the pasta!!

  8. I would have eaten the pasta, too. Just saying.
    I'm sorry yesterday was rough. When my kids get like that, I lock myself in the bathroom. Haha!
    I completely feel the same way about blogging. For a 2 month period, I accepted every paid post that came my way. The money was nice, BUT it stressed me out and that's not why I started blogging. I decided to cut back and only did one sponsored post so far this year outside of my monthly Netflix gig. Once again, I'm enjoying blogging and getting a chance to read blogs again instead of worrying about writing the perfect post.

  9. It's funny you made that comment about blogs. Another blog friend and I were chatting about that the other day. I love blogging and do it because I enjoy sharing our life and making new friends. Money is great, but I doubt I'll ever make money blogging and I'm just fine with that. My kids have been crazy this week too. Mostly fussy and waking up WAY too early. Ugh! I laughed out loud when I read the sock in the pasta one. I would have eaten it too. What's a little extra fiber? ;)

  10. Lol these were all fantastic!

    Love the sock in the dinner. I'd for sure eat it too.

    I totally keep a running confessions tab too. I can never think of them spur of the moment. They only come to I'm doing said embarrassing thing LOL

    What blog event are you going to????

  11. What's a bota box? Clearly I live under a rock. Im itching to do a confessions post but dont have enough goods stocked up ;) I don't get Sonic but maybe I havent ordered the right thing yet.

  12. OMG! This is amazing and I can relate to so many! I totally have a running list of confessions in my phone too! I could probably go a whole month of confessions with how many I have. lol!!
    Sonic is good!! You should go! Get a strawberry limeade :)
    YES to the blogs thing!!! I actually may be confessing this soon as well. EVERY. WORD. of what you said.
    TOTALLY Team Lauren too!
    So glad you had too much fun at the concert! And yay for amazing husbands watching the kids!
    LOL to the sock in the boiling pasta water!! I'd probably eat it too! Boiling water kills any germs, right?

  13. I love your breath of fresh air blog Sarah and this post is no exception! I'm nodding along as I find many of your confessions could have been my own! Team Lauren from night 1, seeing Blake at Kinnick this summer (I'm equally excited about the hotel stay and kid free day), loath Wal-mart and can't justify groceries anywhere else (savings catcher is the icing on the cake!), I have no idea how Sonic works... No socks in my pasta but it would take a lot more than that to kill my meal!