Spring Break Friday

I can't believe Spring Break is basically over!  But on the bright side, there are only 9 more school weeks until summer!  I had a fabulous week off with the boys.  The weather at the beginning on the week was superb--nearly 80 degrees on Monday.  It's been a little chilly for my liking since, but it could be waaaaay worse!

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I set my alarm for 6am three days this week in order to enjoy some quiet time before the kids got up.  And to my surprise, I actually followed through!  It's amazing how nice it is to drink my coffee and read some blogs in the peace and quiet!  And thanks to daylight savings, both boys slept even later than they have for many weeks prior!  Now for a few SB photos...

1 | Kolaches on Wednesday - this kid ate 3 1/2!!!
2 | Ahhhh naptime
3 | Lunchin' on the patio
4 | Springtime is so pretty
5 | Monday morning coffee date with all of these crazies
6 | Out cruisin' the hood
7 | In honor of March Madness
8 | A picnic at our neighborhood park
9 | Cheers to the amazing weather

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We finally got our orb light fixture hung and I'm in love!! 


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We joined our friends, The Pyle's, on Wednesday night for our annual March Madness draft.  For drawing number 8 and getting to choose last, I am pretty happy with my picks.  And there's $160 on the line...$80 for the person with the winning team and $80 for the person with the most number of points.  One year I won all $160!  And yes, Craig, I do still talk about it!!  I'm also in a draft at school (with horrible picks) and we organized a couples' draft among our neighborhood friends!

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Remember that $150 to Starbucks giveaway??  I'm happy to say one of my real-life friends was the big winner!  Congrats, Brittany!

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And finally, don't forget about our FFAY link-up on Tuesday, April 5!  This month's theme is something brunch related!  I've got a few ideas (I love breakfast!!!), but I still need to narrow it down! 

Have a great weekend!

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  1. So glad you enjoyed beautiful weather and family time in your spring break! Wow only 9 more weeks you say? Crazy how fast and how slow the time goes by haha. Yay for FFAY!

  2. Yay for great weather over your spring break. And only 9 weeks left of school! Yippee! I LOVE your chandelier! Like really really love. I need to remember it. We've been talking about what we want to switch ours out to. We need one for the our entry and one for the dining room. Oh and the kitchen too. Ugh! I can't wait to do the foodie link up. I need to get some ideas. Ha ha!

  3. Cute photos! You guys had such beautiful weather for spring break! I LOVE that light fixture! World Market has such great finds. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Sounds like you guys have been having a wonderful spring break! SO jealous that you only have 9 more weeks of work (school) and then get the whole summer off. I wish I could have like 2-4 weeks off to just do whatever I wanted with Mason. Sounds glorious! I bet the 9 weeks will fly by and it will be summer before you know it!
    LOVE your new light!!! It's gorgeous in the pictures and I'm sure it looks even better in person!
    Have a great weekend!!

  5. So glad you had spring break this week and not next now that the weather is getting cold! Looks like such a fun week :) I seriously love the light fixture too!!

    And omg still dying over the fact that I won that giveaway! So exciting!!! Will go to good use after baby #3 is here and on maternity leave!

  6. Such a fun SB! Our is this week and thankfully the weather is looking great! Love that light fixture, maybe in our next house.

  7. My in-laws are coming to town this week and I was so tempted to ask them to bring a dozen Kolaches. I'm just not sure they'd travel well.
    My bracket is officially busted. So many upsets!!
    Your light fixture is gorgeous!!!!

  8. I'm bummed that Spring Break is already over, too! It seems like it went by so fast. But, I am looking forward to my sweet boy being off on Friday for Good Friday! So cool that one of your friends won that giveaway. So exciting!