Department vs. Drugstore

I'm not sure why, but I always find myself wondering what products other people use on their faces.  I've been a loyal Clinique customer for over half my life.  I know what I use, I know what I like, and I know what works.  That being said, there are some products I can't justify department store prices on.  Here is a list of what I currently use on my face - about half the items come from a department store, while the other half come from my local Target.

Department Store Purchases

Since this is something that gets slathered all over my face, I can definitely justify paying department store prices.  I also love that department stores will color match to your face so there is no guessing and no buyer's remorse once you get home!  This particular foundation has SPF 15 and it's what I've been using for 5+ years.  (Prior to, I used Clinique Superbalanced Foundation.)

This is a fairly new purchase to me, so I can't comment on its effectiveness just yet.  However, at 33 years of age, I decided it was time to start treating those eye wrinkles that are popping up. :(

This is definitely not a lotion and I've always wondered why it's named as such.  It's more like a toner that I apply post-facewashing and pre-makeup.  I try to use it (and moisturizer) twice per day, but oftentimes I'm too lazy before bed.

Another thing I prefer to spend a little extra money on since it's going all over my face.  I like the 'gel' kind as opposed to the original lotion.

Clinique Touch Base for Eyes
I remember a few years back a friend asked me how I get my eye makeup to stay put all day.  This right here is my secret.  I first purchased this before one of my bestie's wedding nearly ten years ago and I've been using it on the daily ever since!

I've literally been using this for about 15 years.  And because one compact lasts so long, the price divides out to like 5 cents per day!

Drugstore Purchases

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters
This is the face wash I use to remove my makeup each night.  It leaves me skin feeling nice and clean without over drying.

I know these "scrub" type face washes that include microbeads are being banned in the U.S. due to their harmful effects on the environment...but I can't help but love the way this makes my face feel after using it!  I tend to use this type of face wash in the mornings, as I enjoy the feeling of an exfoliated face before applying my makeup.

Loreal True Match Blush
This blush reminds me a lot of the free ones I've received in Clinique bonus purchases.  It's subtle and non-clown-like, unlike some other department store brands I've tried.

CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner
This has been my go-to eyeliner since high school!  I've tried other {drugstore} brands....but I always come back to the Covergirl!  It goes on so smoothly, doesn't require sharpening (you just turn it), and has an eraser.  And for the low price of $5ish per stick, it's a no-brainer!

Maybelline Expert Wear Eye Shadow Quad
I can actually justify paying department store prices for eye shadow.  In fact, about half of what I own and use is Clinique, but the other half are these Maybelline quads.  I love the colors available and especially like the instruction on which color to put where!

Loreal Miss Manga Mascara
Although I love department store mascara, I hate paying $25 per tube and I'm always on the hunt for a good drugstore brand.  This is what I currently use and it's probably my favorite so far, but if you have any amazing recommendations, send them my way!

What about you?  Are there certain things you refuse to pay department store prices for?  What about things you refuse to settle on?  Do share!!


  1. I mostly use MAC makeup. I don't go crazy with their products because they aren't cheap but I have some foundation, eye shadow and blush. Oh and concealer. I don't use their face cleaning wipes because they are so expensive. Simple or neutragena work just fine for that. I usually use drug store mascara too.

  2. I used to use all Clinique products - until they started discontinuing or changing literally every product I used. I ended up giving up on them, but I do still use their Moisture Surge lotion. I need to check out that Touch Base for Eyes! I've always used a healthy mix of dept store versus drugstore brands as well. Funny, I actually just started a draft of what's in my makeup bag over the weekend (which I hope to post sometime this week if I ever decide to actually finish it, haha).

  3. You should totally try L'Oreal Telescopic mascara!! It's amazing!

  4. Ooohh, love this post! I've actually thought about doing a similar post myself! So for mascara you really need to check out MAC and Younique. Although expensive, it's worth it! Mac also has a shadow primer that is a neutral shimmer and great to just use in the summer, skipping eye shadow altogether. MAC's mascara primer is the best ever. I use Neutrogena's anti-oxidant foundation and have loved it for the past few years! And follow it up Neurtrogena's face powder too. I'm definitely a mix and match person too when it comes to Dept store and Drugstore brands. I like to stock up on my MAC products with Younkers is doing their Goodwill Sale, you can use the coupons on their make-up!

  5. I love this post - I was just talking to some neighbors about make up and one of them went to beauty brands and got an awesome trial done - I used to use clinique like forever ago but then just now go with drug store stuff!! I'm a cheapo but probably shouldn't with my face :)

  6. I used to wear nothing but Clinique! Loved it. Then they changed something and it no longer worked for me. I need to give it another try! I've heard a few people loving that Miss Manga mascara. I'm going to pick it up next time I'm at the store.

  7. I need the "touch base" stuff for sure! One thing I spend more money on is my Younique mascara. When you have the shortest eyelashes ever, you kind of have to ;) Love this post!