It's a Good Friday

Get it?  Good Friday? ;)  Holden was born on Good Friday two years ago--after I taught all day--so Good Friday will always be super special to me, for that reason especially.  We are headed to Wichita this weekend to celebrate the holiday with Craig's side.  Although the weather isn't looking as great as in years past, the boys love spending time with their seven crazy cousins there.

Let's get on to the Good Friday five, shall we?

| one |
You all know my love for Royal's baseball...and did you know Opening Day is only ten days away?!  (Though the World Series Champion Royals actually play the night before.)  This year, I am excited to be co-hosting an Opening Day Link-Up with some of my blogger friends!  The link-up will go live on MLB Opening Day - Monday, April 4 - and it will stay open for one full week!  Share a photo of you, your pet(s), and/or your kid(s) in your favorite MLB team's apparel to show us who you're cheering for.  I've already taken pictures of the boys in their new Royals tees and I will say, it was the first ever photo sesh where both boys actually cooperated! #itsfinallygettingeasier #majorwin #ithoughtthisdaywouldnevercome So basically, you won't want to miss those photos.  Can't wait to see all of your photos, as well--and wouldn't it be cool to have each of the 30 teams represented?!?!?

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Speaking of baseball...hey Royal's fans, have you seen this book?  It's like a sequel to the book about the 2014 World Series runners-up, only this one was written for the 2015 World Series champs.  So basically it includes that fairy tail ending that was 30 years in the making!  I just Amazon primed it yesterday, so should it arrive before the Easter Bunny, the boys will also get this with their Easter baskets.

| three |
We jumped on board the rest of our neighborhood and hired a cleaning lady.  Yesterday was her first day, and oh my gosh, I don't think I've come home to a prettier, fresher-smelling house in my lifetime.  Bathrooms - spotless.  Floors - crumbless.  Dressers - dustless.  Beds - made.  And I didn't have to lift a finger.  It was so clean that I was hesitant to do anything for fear of messing it up!  Lo and behold, after a dinner that included rice and crumbly blueberry muffins, our floors are a disaster again, but it was nice while it lasted!  She will be back to deep clean everything every other month, and on the off months, she will clean only the bathrooms and blinds (our least favorite jobs).  Anything is a win in my book!

| four |
In the market for a new nail polish color?  How about Essie's Muchi Muchi.  I purchased it about a month ago and I'm in love.  It's the perfect springtime pink!

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Don't forget about our Foodie for a Year link-up on Tuesday, April 5!  We'll be sharing our favorite recipes for brunch, which is definitely one of my favorite meals!

| six |
Wait, what??
 You get a bonus item today, because this totally deserves a shout out!  While on Spring Break, the Mill Valley boys basketball team (where I teach) won--in overtime--its first ever state boys basketball title.  If you recall, the football team did the same thing just a few months back.  In fact, Mill Valley is the first 5A school in the state of Kansas to win both the football and boys' basketball state championships in the same school year.  Really stinkin' cool, if you ask me!

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That's it for today!  Happy Easter weekend, friends, and have a great holiday!

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  1. Have a great time with Craig's family. Can't wait to see everyone's opening day posts. That book looks adorable. The boys will love it. Be safe this weekend and have a happy Easter.

  2. Ah! Need that book stat! I hadn't seen it yet! Can't wait to link up! :)

  3. I love that you're such a sports fan, too!! Congrats to your team! The HS where I teach won boys' basketball, too!! And Go Red Sox! ;) PS We hired a cleaning lady and I LOVE when she cleans. We haven't had her come since before Christmas because #expensive but I am already DYING to have her come back. Even just to do the bathrooms since Cam now pees EVERYWHERE!! Haha

  4. Looking forward to the opening day link up - SO fun! And that Essie shade - so pretty! Hope you guys have a Happy Easter!

  5. That link up sounds so fun! I don't think I have a Brewers shirt for Wyatt, though. Ugh! I'll have to check. Cash is all set for baseball season!

  6. Seriously - how is Holden almost TWO!?!?? Makes me want to cry! Our babies are growing up way too fast. And I love this link up and will have to get the book as well - we have the one from the 2014 wildcard game and we love reading it :) Happy Easter Sides fam!

  7. I am SO excited for the Opening Day link up. Julia is FINALLY sitting a little better these days, so I have all these great photo ops planned in my head. Let's see how the real deal actually goes, though. :)
    That book!! I JUST put it in my Amazon cart. Do you have the book Grab Your Crown (which was illustrated by Alysia Quisenberry - daughter of the late Royals pitcher, Dan Quisenberry [he won the '85 World Series])? We got it for Christmas, and while it might be a bit over the kids heads, I LOVE it.

  8. oh, we had cleaning lady when I was growing up...I miss it so much!! That would be the first thing I'd pay for if I went back to work, for sure. And that book is super cute!