These are my Confessions

I'm jumping on board this Confessional Thursday wagon because, well, turns out I have quite a few! And I have so much fun reading everyone else's.  Because reading everyone else's makes me feel a bit more normal!  So yeah, there's that!

Here goes...

I confess that...I currently smell like I bathed myself in essential oils.  It seems Holden passed his illness onto me, and we have big Friday night plans that I refuse to miss out on.  So peppermint + lavender + lemon and thieves oil it is!  Sorry, students...  

(And Emergen-C and Sudafed and Ibuprofen and my neti pot...surely I'll be good to go in 36 hours, right?!)

Speaking of, I confess that...I love using my neti pot when I'm stuffed up and congested.  The gunk that comes out of my nose is awesome disgusting and Craig thinks it's the weirdest thing ever, but I think it might be the best thing since sliced bread.

I confess that...I only shower every 2 to 3 days.  Definitely every other day during the work week, but it's pretty standard for me to go Thursday to Sunday without showering.  I just hate blow drying my hair, so I tend to avoid showers because of that.  Yet, Craig still asks.,. "You didn't shower today??" and seems surprised when I answer with a no.

I confess that...I shaved my legs yesterday for the first time in over a month so that I could bare them today and wear a dress (helloooooo 72 degrees!).  I just don't shave my legs in the winter.  Sorry, honey...

I confess that...I love the new Justin Bieber song.  I reminds me of what would result if Justin Timberlake and Ed Shearan's music had babies.

I confess that...I get really overwhelmed by all the blogs I follow.  I want to be supportive and follow all of my online friends among other complete strangers, but 190 blogs may be a bit excessive.  Yet I just keep finding and following new ones...

I confess that...sometimes I waste time reading my favorite blogs at school.  Gotta stay caught up somehow!!  But to be fair, I also spend time at home on school work...

I confess time I wore two different earrings to school and didn't realize it until two-thirds of the way through the day!  True story.

I confess that...I always wear my hair down at school, but the moment I get home it goes into a pony tail/bun with an elastic headband.

I confess that...I make bets with my students about bring pizza and/or doughnuts to class if there are no Ds or Fs on a test.  In my nine years of teaching (and maybe six years of making the same bet), you know how many times I've thrown a pizza/doughnut party?  Zero.  There are always kids who don't care.  Why do you think I make the bet in the first place? ;)

I confess that...the boys' bedtimes have gotten earlier and earlier in recent weeks.  Winter time + the fighting + the whining = a mama who is always more than ready for bedtime.  What used to be head upstairs at 7:20 / in bed by 7:50 pm has turned into head upstairs at 6:50 / in bed by 7:20.

I confess that...I often throw away the junky toys that come in kids' meals before my kids even know that they're there.  To the boys, it may be a fun new toy, but to me, it's clutter.

I confess that...I will put the boys in their car seats a good ten minutes before we need to leave.  I use that quite time to gather my belongings, gather my thoughts, pick up toys, or sometimes just respond to a text I may have forgotten about!

I confess that...when putting Brantley to bed the other night, I used the excuse of having to go to the bathroom to avoid the never-ending bedtime procrastination from him.  "No, Brantley, I can't look at your flashlight tonight because I really have to go potty."

I confess that...last weekend I met the young couple building a house next door to us, so naturally I Facebook stalked them 30 minutes later.

I confess that...I composed this blog post in my head as I was getting ready this morning.  You know, while I was fixing my hair with dry shampoo because this was definitely one of those no-shower days.  Because I wanted a few extra minutes of rest this morning in an attempt to feel better before tomorrow night! ;)

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  1. I love your confessions, and I have the same combo of essential oils going on in my diffuser at school/work right now, as well...trying to battle a headcold I got this weekend. I've heard awesome things about the Neti pot...maybe I need to look into that?
    I spend time reading blogs at work,'s totally ok! :)
    So glad I found you through Jess' page!

  2. Love these!! Same shower confessions here (ooops) and shaving. Sorry husband!! I also read blogs at work. Shhhh.

  3. Reading your blog at work as we speak.... and my legs aren't shaved! oh well!!!

  4. Oh my Gahhhh you are so fantastic! hahahaha! My kids are in bed and asleep by 7 so hey go for the earlier bed time mama! haha! Omg the facebook stalk, I love it. hahaha!

  5. These are great! Earlier bed times here, too. Winters suck all the life out of me. Serious cabin fever going on!

  6. Cracking up over your confessions. I do the same thing with happy meal toys!! I hate all those little toys.

  7. Girl, I love you!! Ha ha...too much when we don't know each other well yet? :) I could have written this point myself. I haven't shaved in way too long and I don't care. Essential oil and the neti-pot are amazing and a must have. I am a huge fan of Bieber's new album (haven't bought it, but love hearing the songs) and though I feel like I should be ashamed of it I'm not. Give me a Bieber song to dance around the kitchen to while cooking and keeping the kids occupied any day. I throw restaurant toys away too. Clutter and they only play with them for about 10 minutes. I used to tell my students I would dye my hair or do something else drastic if I saw them all use their strategies on their End of Grade tests, but it never happened because they didn't ever all do it.

  8. I hope you feel better soon!
    I'm also a shower every other day person. Any more and my skin gets so dry. Plus, I hate drying my hair!!!

  9. Ummmm yes ma'am to most all of these. I do not shower every day and Jimmy thinks it's so gross- but if I don't work out- come on :) and no to shaving legs during the winter. I wore leggings today and just shaved the 1/4 bottom in case someone got close - I'm horrible!

  10. Nothing wrong with an earlier bedtime, we're headed in that direction tonight ;) My husband is always surprised when I get dressed in the morning?! Not sure why thats a shocker lol

  11. Awesome! I can confess to similar things....namely the lack of daily showering! Who has time for that?!?

  12. I totally threw away the junky kids meal toy that came in Mason's Chick-fil-A kids meal the other day! He never even knew it was missing :)
    Girl, you follow 190 blogs??? And I thought I followed a lot and couldn't keep up lol. My problem is that i always find new ones to follow too but I seriously just. don't. have. time. I feel bad, but I stress myself out already too much!
    Also, I might have a list of confessions on my phone so I can keep doing these posts! lol

  13. These are great!! It's rare that my hair gets washed more than 3 times a week. Bedtime has gotten much earlier around here, too. Go. to. bed! And, the potty excuse is GENIUS!!! I'm totally using that.

  14. Oh my gosh, if my teacher offered that deal, I would be calling everyone up to make sure that they are studying! Ha, ha!

    I wish that I could get away with not having to shower daily but my hair is a big ol' greasy mess if I don't. It sucks...if only I had a job where I could wear a baseball cap, that would be the best. :)

  15. Love the confessions! I am blowing drying my hair right now while I'm catching up on your posts, girl how do you have time to post as much as you?! As I mentioned, I'm blowing drying my hair and I may or may not have washed my hair since last Monday and today is Sunday, 6 days later.... #dryshampooisalifesaver

  16. This is perfect...we are the same person!! Except our family is the opposite on the Neti pot...I think it's gross and Sean loves it! ha! And no worries...I own the Bieber judging.

  17. We are so much alike! Same here with the showers, shaving, Bieber, excuses to the kids and throwing away the junky kid toys, LOL