Will You Be My Valentine Blogger Exchange

This year, we were lucky enough to participate in a Valentine exchange with some of my favorite bloggers across the country.  The boys loved getting mail ("Balentines" according to Brantley) on a consistent basis and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just as excited to see a fun envelope grace our mailbox each day!

I debated what kind of Valentine to send to our virtual friends (there are so many cute ideas on Pinterest), but in the end, I decided to repeat last year's DIY heart-shaped crayon Valentine.  After all, we hadn't used the idea on our blogger friends and it is just too cute (and too easy) to pass up!

 You can find instructions for the DIY Valenetine here, but this year I decided to include a free printable (here) for anyone who wants to recreate the idea.

Both boys got to help this year and both were near pros at breaking the crayons into pieces.  Imagine that.  #allboy

As for the Valentines we received, here are 12 of the 18.  I hung them as garland from our fireplace mantel, using mini red/pink/white painted clothes pins from--where else--Target's dollar spot! 

Many of the Valentines had trinkets attached (heart-shaped glasses, glow sticks, mini dinosaurs), some included candy/treats, and some were too big to hang as garland, but they were all so adorable and so fun to receive in the mail.  It definitely made this blah time of year a little bit more exciting for this mama!

Be sure to check out the other bloggers' posts and Valentine creations!  And a special thanks to Meghan for organizing!

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  1. We loved your valentine!! Can't wait to color with it. Love how you hung them up! So cute!!

  2. Elin LOVED the crayon!!! It was so beautiful!!

  3. Super adorable!! My kids love love loved the crayon! Did ours not make it to you? I hate the mail.

  4. Can't get over how adorable these are! New to your blog! xox

  5. That's a bummer that you didn't get all yours yet. The mail is so odd. We got all of ours days ago with the exception of the final one. It is so fun to get something special in the mail.

    1. oh and I meant to say the expressions of concentration are so cute with breaking the crayons haha.

  6. We loved the crayons - thank you!! Mason was so intrigued by how those were made. I think I need to find some molds and make some with him sometime.

  7. I've been wanting to make these kinds of crayons for ages! I'm checking out your tut!

  8. So many cute Valentine's! I've been hoarding broken crayons to do this with my daughter one day.

  9. The heart crayon was a big hit here! And, it's now part of our church box. I don't know what it is, but the shaped crayon is so much more appealing than the regular ones!
    Love how you displayed the Valentines! I wish I would have thought to remove the bigger pieces and just display the cards.

  10. Man, I wish I had known about this! Bummer! We did get a special Valentine from sweet Waverly and Avalon and Charli was so excited! Maybe next year!

  11. I LOVE how you hung them and of course, I love the valentine so much (and so did the girls, haha!).

  12. Jude loved the crayon, I totally want to make melted crayons now!

  13. I've been wanting to make one of these crayons for forever! I'm sure I have it pinned like 10 times on Pinterest. We were so excited to get one in the mail!

  14. How fun and what a great idea!!!! And girl- I don't know how you have the time and energy for all these crafts you do- I'm seriously so impressed!!! I need some of that energy and planning!!

  15. I love the idea of recycling old crayons to make such cute valentines.