Five on Widay

Today is Friday, but it's also like my Wednesday since I only worked three days this week, so I'm gonna go ahead and call it my Widay.  How about a little Five on Widay post, cool?

| one |

Yesterday I mentioned that we have big Friday night plans.  We are doing a progressive dinner with seven of our favorite neighbor couples!  We will be visiting four different houses for appetizers, drinks, and some kind of an activity.  We drew names to see which four couples get to host and then drew names again to pair each host couple with another couple to assist.  I was paired with Vanessa (she's hosting) and together we have planned a fun Mexican theme!  I wish I could share the details, but that would give away all the fun!  Just know that there will be sombreros, Coronas, and queso. *wink wink*  If you follow me on Instagram, there may or may not be some fun photos posted later this evening (but I make no promises)!  Here's a preview...

| two |

On Monday nights, the neighbor girls and I all get together to watch The Bachelor.  Actually that's a lie.  We drink wine, chat, and try to watch The Bachelor, but when there are 5 to 9 girls in one place, it's really hard to watch.  We definitely get the jist of the show, but we may miss a few details here and there.  Anyway, this past Monday night we all also painted our nails.  Sounds like such a middle school girl thing to do, right?  Perhaps, but we used our neighbor's LED Lamp to give ourselves a DIY shellac manicure.  It was so quick, so easy, and our nails looked so good!  And now this thing is officially on my Wishlist!


| three |

Once upon a time, I had a super cute iPhone case from Society 6.  And then in December, this happened.  

First time I'd ever broken a phone and I. was. devastated.  Luckily, Apple will replace a broken screen for only $109 (plus tax).  Only.  Though that is no small chunk of change, it was definitely better than shelling out the money for a brand new, full-price phone.  Anyway, after my screen was in tact again, I decided to give in to what my husband had been saying for months.  Get a better case.  I was reluctant to get a big bulky case and I still wanted something semi-cute.  Enter this Otterbox.  It's thinner than the older versions, far more protective than my previous case, and hey, not a horrible design!!  I've had it for over a month now and I love it more than I ever thought I'd love an Otterbox.

Otterbox Symmetry Series - Poppy Petal

| four |

This weather.  Yesterday's high was like 75 degrees.  In the Midwest.  In February.  And here's our forecast for the six days.  I can absolutely handle no snow days (for the second year in a row......) with temps like this!

| five |

And finally, Tim McGraw's new song Humble and Kind.  An amazing song with an amazing message.  If you haven't heard it, or even if you're not a country music fan, it's worth the 4 minutes and 29 seconds it'll take you to listen.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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  1. Ummm, can I be your neighbor?! Such a cute idea, have fun!

  2. You girls have so much fun! What s fun neighborhood! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Sounds like your Monday nights are a blast. I love what you guys are doing for your dinner party tonight--sounds like so much fun!!
    I saw that Otterbox when I was looking for a new case and it was sold out at the time--so pretty!

  4. That progressive dinner sounds like so much fun! Wish that was something I could do with my neighbors...

  5. That dinner sounds like so much fun! I want to live in your neighborhood! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  6. I have always wanted to do a progressive dinner! Hope you all have fun! I love Tim McGraw's new song :)

  7. Your progressive dinner sounds like SO much fun!! I'll be checking the Gram to Friday, for sure!
    That Otterbox! Mine is a plain old black one, and it's just so ugly, not to mention, it's seen better days. Pretty sure I need to pick one up as cute as yours.

  8. I cannot wait to see pictures from tonight. I'll be keeping an eye on my Instagram feed! :)

  9. Okay first, I want to move into your neighborhood. Second, I want to do this with my neighbors once we get to know them better since we just moved in. Sounds like so much fun and I can't wait to see how it goes. :)

  10. I've never heard of a progressive dinner?! What fun!!!

    And oh my, that song!! Love it.

  11. Every time you post about something fun your neighborhood girls do, I want to move to your neighborhood! EVERY TIME. And now I want to again! Dinners, Bachelor, nail painting... sign me up!

  12. This sounds so fun!! I really wish we had some awesome young families in our neighborhood! I'll have to check out that new case when my phone arrives, it's so cute!