My 5 Ws of Blogging

Yesterday, I posted a little re-introduction of myself.  Today, I'm talking a little bit about blogging's current role in my life!

| WHO do I blog about? |

 I blog mainly about my family.  My husband (Craig), our oldest son (Brantley - 3 1/2), and our youngest son (Holden - almost 2).  Occasionally, our miniature schnauzer (Kinnick - 8) makes an appearance, as do our extended families, friends, and neighbors.

| WHAT do I blog about? |

 I blog about our outings as a family, our home, and our life - the vacations we take, the food we eat, the toys we play with, the crafts we create, the teams we cheer for, the DIY projects we conquer, the photos I take, the weird stuff my kids say, the holidays we celebrate, the things I believe in, and the random thoughts that flow through my head on the daily.  This blog has served as my pregnancy journal (x2), a baby book (x2), and a scrapbook + diary of my life.

| WHEN do I blog? |

 With a full-time job (9 months out of the year anyway) and two boys under the age of 4, finding time to blog can be a challenge.  During the school year, I will blog after my kids go to bed (7:30pm) and/or during nap time on the weekends (and sometimes at school - shhhhhh).  During the summer, I will use the 2-hour span of nap time to blog.  But not every night and/or day.  It truly just depends on how motivated I am and how much I have to blog about.  Sometimes (usually in September) I go weeks without a single post.  During that time, I tend to be so exhausted from the start of the school year and the last thing I want to do is stare at a computer screen and expel any energy to put my thoughts into words.  Other times, all the time in the world isn't enough to blog about everything I want to!  One thing is for certain though - I've never, ever considered blogging a "job".  I really, truly enjoy blogging (you could say I'm passionate about it) and I never, ever put pressure on myself to compose a post.  If I'm not feeling it, then I just don't do it!  It's easy to spot a transparent post and I never do I want to blog because I feel like I have to.

| WHERE do I blog? |

 I typically blog from the chair in our living room.  I will prop my feet up on the ottoman and blog using our MacBook.  My blog is housed on Blogger, but I paid the small amount of money for a custom domain (so that my blog url doesn't include

| WHY do I blog? |

Plain and simple: I love documenting.  I always have.  I was the little girl who printed her photos, captioned/dated them on the back, and added them chronologically to a photo album.  I was also big time into scrapbooking back when it was popular.  Times have changed and my blog is my current {digital} version of the scrapbook/photo album, but I love that there's a diary component to it, as well.  Blogging is very therapeutic for me.  I just love, love, love writing about our life.  I also love sharing with others.  Whether it's a favorite recipe or a favorite product, I love giving advice and recommendations to others.  Oddly enough, I have always hated writing, but for some reason, blogging feels so different!  I sometimes wonder if I will still be blogging in ten years.  I sure hope so, but I honestly have no idea where life will take me.  For now, I love this number one hobby of mine and can't imagine putting down the laptop anytime soon!

Who, what, when, where, and why do YOU blog?

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  1. What a great prompt! I'm going to use this as a blog post (Credit you, obviously). It'll be so interesting to see everyone's answers!

  2. Love this! And same reasons right here :) I need to get on blogging about this pregnancy though bc already halfway through and I haven't done one post. It's so nice to look back and see what I'm thinking/feeling/baby is doing for sure!!! Glad you blog!!

  3. Yep, I pretty much blog about the same things and for the same reasons! I have the WORST memory so I'm glad I'll have this to look back at one day :)

  4. Such a fun blog topic! You and I are very similar in the who, what, where, when, why we blog. Especially the when and why!

  5. I love this!! We are so alike. Girl, we were seriously meant to be friends. :)

  6. Oh I love this!! So many things you said were legit spot on to me. I may be adding this to my blog list this week!! ;)

  7. What a great post! Sounds like we're a lot alike in so many of these! Blogging with a full time job is so hard, but definitely worth it to have life documented.

  8. I love this format for a introductory post! I will be stealing this for the future ;) I was a big time scrapbooker too, man, did I have time on my hands lol.