Friday 5....including the giveaway WINNER!

Happy Friday!  Can you believe February is nearly HALF over?!  March brings about all sorts of happiness for me, so knowing that it's only 18 days away is pretty fab!  Also, both hubby and I have 4-day weekends this weekend.  Today is my comp day for two extra long days of Parent-Teacher Conferences, while Craig took a vacation day, and then on Monday, we are both off for President's Day.  Horray for 4-day weekends!

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We're on the hunt for new light fixtures.  We've already replaced our above-island pendant lights and we want to swap out the builder grade fixtures in our dining room and breakfast nook area for something a little more fun.  I'm adamant about getting one of these spherical shaped globe/orb fixtures for our dining room (turned play room that will eventually function as it should as a dining room).  Maybe it's the math teacher in me, but I just love these fixtures!

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For our breakfast nook, we want something with a similar style, but we're not exactly sure what.  Perhaps something like this?  Suggestions?  Opinions?  Advice?  Send them my way!  (I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the best at home decorating!)

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I've been wearing this color of nail polish on my nails for basically the entire month of January and February.  When I posted this picture on IG last week, my nail polish got compliments galore!  In my mind, this is the perfect wintery gray/purple neutral combo, but some friends referred to it as a springy color, so I guess it's a good transition color?  Which is perfect since the groundhog says it's going to be an early spring!

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These Merona booties from Target are my go-to footwear lately!  They look great with dresses, with leggings, and with jeans.  I love that they are essentially flat, so they are super comfortable after a full day on my feet teaching, and they neutral color basically goes with everything!

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These gas prices lately!  I filled up my car yesterday for just over $20 and felt as if I teleported back to high school!  Word on the street is that prices may drop to as low as $1 per gallon!!  I know that isn't the best thing for those in the oil industry, but it sure makes me happy!

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And finally, I had so much fun hosting my first ever giveaway this week!  I was a tad nervous about a lack of entries (from all of my 15 followers), but to my surprise there have been over 200 entries from 59 different participants!  It was so much fun scrolling through the names of those who entered and seeing both real life and blogging friends who supported me and signed up!  I really wish I could do a giveaway every week, and I really, really wish I could give a set of MAGFORMERS® to each and every one of you.  If you're not the lucky winner, be sure to check out my favorite sets below.  They would sure make for a nice addition to those upcoming Easter baskets. ;)

MAGFORMERS® 14-Piece Set
MAGFORMERS® 30-Piece Set
MAGFORMERS® Inspire 14-Piece Set (for Girls)
MAGFORMERS® Inspire 30-Piece Set (for Girls)
MAGFORMERS® Inspire 62-Piece Set (for Girls) 
MAGFORMERS® Cruisers Car Set
MAGFORMERS® Dinosaur Set
MAGFORMERS® 112-Piece Challenge Set
MAGFORMERS® Power Construction Set

And now for the winner...

Congrats to Hannah K.!  You are the proud new owner of a MAGFORMERS® My First 54-Piece Set!  I'll be contacting you soon via email, so please be on the lookout for that!!

Happy Friday, everyone!

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  1. I like light fixture #5!!! So pretty! Oh and SO JEALOUS of your gas prices. I don't know if you saw my snap the other day but I was LEGIT excited about paying $40 for a tank of gas. No joke. So sad...

  2. LOVE the light fixtures! Run over to Renson and see some in person. I fell in love with some exactly like these!!

  3. Love those light fixtures! They look like tiny universes or atoms. And those boots!! GAh!

  4. Very cool fixtures! My husband would never go for them as he thinks they looks too "industrial". We do have a bit more of a rustic feel in our home. We will be updating all of our light fixtures as well! We bought our home and it is a tiny bit of a "fixer upper" which is what we wanted since my passion is interior design/decorating and the hubs is pretty handy! I can't wait to get to work!!

  5. Oh my goodness I love all of the light fixtures. We are lookin for new ones too and i may have to steal your ideas. Loved your giveaway!! I need to look into getting some more magformers. Easter might be the right time like you suggested. :)

  6. Those orb light fixtures are AWESOME! I really like #5.

    I'm diggin' the nailpolish & the fact that gas keeps getting cheaper & cheaper. Awhoo hoo! I remember my senior year of high school, gas was 99 cents per gallon, that was the best thing ever! :)

  7. I love all of those fixtures! We are on the hunt for one over our table. Our had in WI is right around $1.40. It's like a treat gertin gas! Haha!