{The Little Things} || Stitches

Last week I took Brantley to have his stitches removed.  Before we walked in to Urgent Care, I realized we never took any pictures of the actual stitches...they were always covered by a band-aid.  Maybe not a huge deal, but for someone who likes to document absolutely everything in photos, I realized this was a major fail!  So I quickly snapped an iPhone photo of Brantley's {first ever} stitches at nearly 19 months old before going to have them removed.

The doctor said the stitches (and cut) looked great and Brantley was a champ in having them removed.  I know it's only a matter of time before he needs them again, but let's hope that time is much later than sooner!! 


  1. Visiting from the link up. Love his little expression!

  2. Yeah! Another Sarah blogger. I SWEAR we have the most popular blog name ever. Love your sons name!

  3. visiting from the link up! Oh poor baby stiches! But he's got the cutest expression about mom taking a photo of them! :)