{The Little Things} || Sleep Eating

I have so many "little thing" moments in my iPhone library.  This week, I had to go back a couple of months to find one of my favorites.

Over Christmas break, we attempted to transition Brantley to one nap per day.  As much as I didn't want to (because let's be honest, naptime = me time), I knew that at 18-months old, it was time.  He'd already been taking one {afternoon} nap per day at daycare, but he still took catnaps each morning en route to and from preschool, errands, activities, etc.--which held him over nicely until that afternoon nap.  (To this day, he still catnaps on daycare errands each morning.)

As we transitioned him at home over break, he wasn't getting these mini-morning catnaps.  Therefore, he often struggled (and I mean struggled) to stay awake until after lunch.  Here's a video I took of him sleep-eating one of those days!

And a few pictures, as well!  He gets so delirious that he smiles and laughs as he's falling asleep!

Still, at nearly 20 months old, he can barely make it to afternoon naps on weekends!  What can I say--he likes to sleep like his mama!


  1. Awww! Poor little guy looks so tired! It's making me want to fall asleep just watching him on that video!

  2. Oh my gosh! I am so jealous! Sydney has NEVER liked to sleep! Even now at 4 she HATES naps and bedtime.

  3. Omg too funny!!!!!! :)


  4. Bahaha, poor guy! Just sooo sleepy. Aria's done that a couple times if lunch last a little too long.