All Things Valentine

Craig and I have never really been big Valentine's Day celebrators.  No roses, no chocolates.  Usually, one of us remembers to get the other a card.  And the one that remembers differs each year.  (Though, in the past, we have used the holiday as an excuse for a couples' massage.)

But now that I have a kiddo and said kiddo has daycare friends, I took full advantage of the holiday and my love for being crafty!  I'm not at all creative...but I am really good at copying others fantastic ideas.  So what did I do?  Search Pinterest, of course!  And here's my version of what I found.

I filled a snack-size Ziploc with goldfish (vanilla cupcake flavor), added a Swedish fish, and created a label (5.5 inches tall by 6.6 inches wide) using a combination of and Microsoft Word.  I printed the label on cardstock, cut around it, folded in half, and stapled over the top of the Ziploc.  That's it.  Super simple.  And so much cuter than the store-bought valentine cards. 

As for Brantley's Valentine gift - we kept it to a minimum, but got him three of his favorite things - a personalized book (that I bought a Groupon for in January), a basketball-themed Valentine tin of goodies, and the Mou (mouse).  He has carried around this Mickey Mouse toy at Target each week we've grocery shopped for the last month and a half, but we always managed to sneak it back onto the shelf without him noticing.  Low and behold, last weekend Mommy finally decided to buy it!  And I'm pretty sure he's going to love it!

Happy Valentine's Day Eve, everyone!  Check back tomorrow for my little sweetheart's Valentine cards.

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  1. Love that Valentine! So adorable. We don't normally do a ton on this day either, and now with a kid we do even less, but to me that's perfectly fine. My mom always sends chocolates so at least I know those are coming!