Bumpdate: Week 29

Week 29 brought my first official snow day of the 2013-14 school year!  I've been waiting for those two little words for some time now.  And as ready as I am for spring, I'll never argue a snow day!  Snow days, to me, mean no make-up and no shower, so please excuse the photo below!  I put a hat on in an attempt to look presentable. :)

I had my sixth appointment last Friday.  It included the infamous glucose test, as well as a Rhogam shot for my negative blood type.  Still awaiting the results from my glucose test, with my fingers crossed, of course.  Since I failed the initial test with Brantley, my doctor suggested I fast in preparation for this one.  So that I did.  I didn't eat anything from dinner on Thursday until I left the doctor's office on Friday morning at 9am.  And boy was I hungry!  Here's hoping it did the trick so that I don't have to go back for the three hour test this go-around!

I'm also to the point in this pregnancy where I start going to doctor appointments every two weeks.  Which is exciting and annoying all in one.  They are a pain to schedule around my work schedule and I hate asking people to cover my classes.  And they always seem so anti-climactic.  But at the same time, it's going to make these last 11 weeks go so super fast, I just know it!

We had a level 2 sonogram scheduled for today, but it was rescheduled {for Friday} due to the snowstorm.  We're keeping our fingers crossed that everything has developed normally since our last look at Baby #2, but we also know that we'll get through whatever challenges are thrown our way.  Nonetheless, prayers for a healthy baby would be appreciated!

How Far Along: 29 weeks

Size of Baby: ~15 inches, 2 1/2 pounds; the size of a butternut squash

Gender: BOY

Weight Gain: Not sure.  I forgot to weigh myself this morning.

Food Cravings: I always seem to need something sweet after meals...even though chocolate seems to trigger acid reflux.

Food Aversions: None

Movement: This has been the most active week yet!  I've been trying to look for patterns in Baby's schedule, but haven't really noticed any.  He seems to move frequently all throughout the day and evening.  I hope this isn't a sign that he's a baby that never sleeps...

Sleep: Still sleeping well!  Trying to appreciate my early bedtimes and {somewhat} late wake times now because I know it will all change in a few months.

Clothing: Same. 

Other Pregnancy Symptoms: Acid reflux and Braxton Hicks contractions.  Just an overall feeling of uncomfortableness--and it always gets worse as the day goes on. 

What I Miss: Being able to move quickly and easily.

Best Moment: Today = snow day.  Another one tomorrow!

Looking Forward To: Our sonogram on Friday.  I think my mom is making a special trip to KC to be part of it.  (Weather permitting)

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