Practically Famous

So a friend texted me this picture this morning...

In case you're unsure of what or who you're looking at, let me help you...

Yep, that's the hubs!  And myself!  Apparently, we made the news.  Fox 4's morning news.  So, we're practically famous, right?

The weirdest part?  This was nearly three years ago!  Three years!!  Pre-pregnancies, pre-kid(s)...just me and the hubs!  Never did I expect to be on the news...ummmm...three years later!

We were at the Overland Park Farmer's Market on a warm Saturday in April.  Check out the box of herbs Craig is carrying.  And then, look at this post I found!

Everything about this is funny to me.  Especially when I showed Craig the picture [this morning} and his response was, "Who is that?"

And even funnier?  The news headline is about eating healthy.  If you know me at all, you know eating healthy is not, nor never has been, one of my main priorities!

Random, right?  I sure think so!


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  1. I miss that farmer's market! Oh and sweet pineapple drink. Hope there was some run involved. :)