A Valentine's Pool Party

We may not have gone out for a fancy Valentine's dinner, but celebrated something special on Valentine's night nonetheless.  Our friends' little boy, Brayden, turned three on February 6.  His birthday pool party, originally scheduled for the weekend prior, was rescheduled due to illness - and happened to be rescheduled for Valentine's evening.  Despite not wanting to put on a swimsuit at seven months pregnant and in the midst of winter, a pool party was just what we needed to fight the winter blues.  Brantley loved it and it was such a fun Friday-night activity for all of us!

Next up - swim lessons!  We were supposed to start those in February, but rescheduled for March after losing a session (day) due to snow.  And by "we", I mean Craig and Brantley.  I'll be on the sidelines watching, and snapping photos of course. :)

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