The End of an Era

Don't worry...this blog is not ending.  What is ending, you ask?

My 20s.  That's right friends.  Next Tuesday, I will turn over a new leaf.  The 30 leaf. 

It doesn't scare me.  Or intimidate me.  I actually haven't minded growing old.  Yes, the early 20s were fun (college), mid 20s were exciting (the real world), and late 20s were life-changing (marriage and a baby).  But life just keeps on getting better and better.  I enjoy being an adult.  I enjoy having a career.  And most, of all, I love being a wife and mommy.  It's simply the best.

Of course, I still like to have fun with my friends.  So for my birthday celebration, my girlfriends and I are doing one of those painting parties.  Wine and design.  Cork and canvas.  Whatever you want to call it.  Paint.  {Or attempt to paint.}  Drink.  And socialize.  Sounds like the perfect 30th birthday to me.  Afterwards we're going to Brio.  Yummy.  A perfect night with some of my favorite peeps.

The following Friday, the hubs and I are celebrating with our very own sushi date night.  And we're getting a babysitter.  First time ever.  I can't wait to have a little one-on-one time with not only my honey, but my best friend forever.

So, here's to the final week of my 20s.  It's been great, but bring on the 30s!!

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