Brantley Carter: 6 Months Old!

Well Mr. Brantley, you're already one-half of a year old!  Though I can't believe we've made it this far, I'm so glad we have!  You seriously get more fun by the day!  You are just so happy and so smiley and such a big boy!  It's been a big few weeks for you - you learned to crawl, you got your first tooth, and you started eating real food.  You reach for Mommy and Daddy to hold you and you've {sort of} laughed again a few times.  You put anything and everything in your mouth and you have a constant line of drool coming from your mouth at all times.  You watch Mommy and Daddy move throughout the house and always turn when you hear our voices and/or your name.  You went through a phase a couple weeks ago where you constantly stuck out your tongue.  It's like you discovered it.  Again.  I said the same thing at 3 months.  And despite all your new Christmas toys, you'd rather play with things you shouldn't.  Like the dog bowl.  And your nebulizer machine.  And your diaper caddy and bag of wipes.  Silly boy. 
There's that tongue!

You're to the age now when, sometimes, all you want is to be held.  And not only that, but you want to be held while walking around.  Not sitting.  Walking.  So that is what we do.  Last weekend I was cooking up a baby food storm and you wanted nothing but to be held.  So, I strapped you in the Baby Bjorn and you got to cook with me!  Hopefully this trend continues... your future wife would love it! :)

In the past month, you've had two ear infections, bronchiolitis, and a couple of nasty colds.  You've taken two rounds of antibiotics and were prescribed a nebulizer breathing treatment, which you hated!!  Though ear infections twice now, you've never really been bothered by them.  Tough little guy, you are!

I'd be lying if I said I haven't yet thought about your upcoming first birthday!  After all, we're halfway there and this mama loves party-planning!  I am just so excited for you!  So excited for a summer birthday and a summer party and for my little man to turn 1!  Oh, the fun to come--walking, talking, everything!

Size - 17 pounds 5 ounces (with clothes) at the doctor last week.  I'll have updated stats (sans clothes) after your 6-month appointment, which sadly isn't until the end of January.

Words - Baby talk/babble, coos, and little whispers (b and p sounds)

Activity -  You are more than content entertaining yourself these days (for a while), but you seem to get bored easily.  You still lie under your play gym, but more often sit in your jumper.  Your feet almost touch the ground now!  You are crawling everywhere!  Cutest thing ever to watch you scurry around.  We packed away the swing about a month long swing until Baby #2!

Food - You eat seven ounces of formula five times per day, plus about 2 to 4 ounces of solid food each evening.  So far, you've tried avocado, sweet potatoes, and bananas and you love them all!  We're done with rice cereal.  You didn't hate it, but also never got too excited about it like you do real food!

Sleep - You sleep like a champ and fall asleep like one, too.  Rarely do you fight going to bed, and if anything, you fuss for three minutes before you're out for the night.  Every now and then you get restless in the early morning hours (4/5ish), but with a little patting and your paci, you're right back to sleep until 6/7 in the morning.  You're a stomach sleeper and move all over your crib all night long.  We can't keep the monitor camera on you!  Naps are a slightly different story, as you sometimes fight them, and often need patted to sleep.  You nap about one or two times each morning, once in the afternoon, and sometimes once in the evening.  Your naps are usually short lived - an hour if we're lucky.

Bedtime/Waketime - Bedtime is anywhere between 8 and 9, after your last bottle.  Like mentioned above, you normally fall right asleep without any sort of fight.  You wake around 6:15 - sometime as early as 5:45, or as late at 7:30 (rare, but it's happened - New Years Day, for instance).

Hair - Blondie

Eyes - Blue

Teeth - One on the bottom!  Daddy insists there's one coming in on top, too, but I have yet to feel it.

Likes - Rolling, crawling, the dining room light, Kinnick's dog bowl, sticking out your tongue, Daddy's beer bottles, books, toys that light up, electronics (Mommy's iPhone and Daddy's iPad), blowing spit bubbles, your jumper, being held (and walking around, but not sitting), human interaction, Mommy, Daddy, bottles, solid food, being patted.

Dislikes - Waking up from naps, being hungry, being tired.

Wardrobe - You are still able to fit in some 3 to 6 month clothing, but also 6-9.  I just cleaned out your closet/drawers and packed away all the newborn and 0-3 month stuff.  And can hardly believe you used to be small enough to fit into that stuff!

Diapers - Size 3.  Mommy was shocked to hear a friend with an 11-month old is also in 3s.  I still think of you as a wee little baby, but this just proves you're a big boy now!

Mommy's Fave - Definitely watching you crawl all over the place.  It's simply adorable!

For the last week, I've been able to think of nothing but your upcoming 1/2 year birthday.  It's just so sentimental and sweet and happy and sad--all at once.  I've re-read your monthly updates and looked at your monthly pics and I truly can't believe how far we've come.  But so excited we have!  Love ya, little guy!

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