A New Kind of Cooking

I told you I planned on making my own baby food.  Well, that's just what I did last weekend!  Honestly, it was super easy!!  I got a Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor as a baby shower gift last spring and I was excited to finally put it to good use.

I also bought some Green Sprouts Food Cubes from Buy Buy Baby.  They're great because they come eight per package and included lids, trays, and stickers for labeling.  And they're BPA-free.

I made and froze each of the following: avocado, sweet potato, bananas (B-A-N-A-N-A-S...I know you were thinking it), butternut squash, pears, carrots, and peas.

The avocado and bananas didn't need cooked.  I simply pureed and froze.  I cheated with the butternut squash and peas.  I bought frozen of each and followed the package instructions to cook, then pureed.  The rest (sweet potato, carrots, and pears), I bought fresh.  I cooked the sweet potato in the microwave, then pureed, and chunked, boiled, and pureed each of the other two.  Though I didn't make huge amounts of anything, it went very quickly and it should last a month.  The best part?  It only cost $9-something!  Sure beats the $20-something formula!

Like I mentioned previously, there are some great online resources.  I was going to buy a couple of baby recipe books, but didn't see the point after perusing the blogs and informational websites.  Visit my Pinterest Baby Board for suggestions.

I would encourage anyone with babies to also make their own baby food.  It doesn't take a chef...just a few small kitchen gadgets and a little bit of time every now and then.  It's healthier.  It's cheaper.  And it makes you feel good about feeding your baby each evening! 

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