Christmas Numero Uno & Graduation

So before we were officially on break and before we all got miserably sick and before the craziness of the last week and a half, we celebrated Christmas numero uno with my family.  Since we were with the Sides' clan in Wichita this year, the Fritz clan came to KC the weekend of the 15th.  Not only did they come to celebrate Christmas, but after a year and a half of hard work and dedication, I finally graduated with my masters degree, so the fam attended my graduation ceremony, as well.  It was a busy, but fun, weekend!

Let me just say I'm so glad to have participated in my grad ceremony.  I initially didn't think I wanted to, but after a little convincing from a friend/classmate, I decided I put in way too much effort (and money) not to participate.  It was a nice, little ceremony for just Masters in Education graduates, so not too terribly long, and it was a good feeling to walk across that stage.  Though I had most of my course work finished before Brantley's arrival in July, I still had to complete two classes and the huge portfolio project.  I'm very proud of myself for balancing a new baby, a full time job, and class.  Thanks for the fam for attending my ceremony...I know those things aren't the most fun.  And thanks to the hubs for the support throughout the past year and a half.  I know there were some stressful Sundays and I bet you're just as glad I'm finished as I am! :)

Christmas was a great time!  It was fun to get the boys together and, as expected, Gramma and Papa were way too generous!  The big present?  A Radio Flyer wagon!  I think Craig and I were more excited than Brantley!  The funny part?  I told my mom a few months ago that a wagon would be a good gift idea.  Little did I know, she has already bought one for each boy last summer!  Great minds think alike, Mom! 

We also took both boys to Bass Pro Shop for a Santa visit.  I think my dad was excited, as this is his favorite store!

Here's some more pictures from the weekend in mid-December with my family.


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  1. Hey Sarah - I have a few different lenses for my camera...the one that came with it (18-55) I hardly ever use. But I purchased a 50mm 1.8 shortly after I got my camera and loved it. Definitely can get the blurred background with that! However, it doesn't have zoom, so you have to move (your body) each time you want to get close up or farther back from your subject, etc. So then I ended up getting a 28-75 2.8 lens and I probably use this one the most. But if you are looking for a fairly inexpensive next step the 50mm would work great! Especially since your little man isn't RUNNING all over quite yet! :) Hope that helps!