My Big 3-0 (Part 1)

Last Saturday night was part one of my big 3-0 birthday celebration.  My girlfriends and I headed to Hook Gallery for a little wine-drinking and painting fun!  After a little mishap with the gallery (they double booked and asked us to come earlier than planned), things turned out wonderfully!  They more than made up for their unorganization by giving each girl a pretty significant discount, letting me attend for free, and giving us all $10 off coupons for a future painting happy hour.  Oh, and they're letting me go again for free!  Thursday night painting and wine happy hour, anyone??

We all painted the same thing.  Well, except for my co-worker, Angie, who did her own Andy Warhol-type painting.  The employee walked us through the painting and no prior artistic experience was needed.  Proof in point - many of us are math teachers.  Math teachers have zero creativity.  And our paintings turned out just fine.  In fact, I actually hung my work of art in our master bathroom!  However, two of my bestest friends are art teachers.  I think the gallery employees were a little intimidated by those two.  They were giving the group just as many tips as the gallery folk. :)

Before and afters

My work in progress

All the while painting, we socialized, drank wine, and ate Cupcakes a la Mode.  (Thanks for those, Erica!)  It was superb.  Here are some pictures of our painting party fun!

The group

Our masterpieces

After painting, we headed to Brio on the Plaza for a yummy dinner.  It was the perfect way to ring in my 30s!  Thanks to all my friends for coming out in the January cold to celebrate!  Love you all!

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