Brantley's First Halloween

Though Brantley was still a little young for trick or treating, we didn't miss the opportunity to dress him up for his first Halloween!  Originally, I wanted themed costumes for our entire family.  I bought Kinnick a hot dog costume and we were going to be the condiments: ketchup, mustard, and relish.  But one, I didn't see the point of making costumes when we weren't going anywhere.  And two, a condiment makes for a pretty boring first Halloween costume for B.  So, I returned the hot dog (costume, not dog) and we scratched that.  Maybe next year.

Instead, Brantley was a pumpkin and Kinnick a bat.  Themed.  Sort of.  We dressed up for a few pictures, but to be honest, Brantley wasn't super fond of the pumpkin leaves in his face.  Likewise with Kinnick and the wings.  But he didn't have a choice.

We welcomed the trick or treaters for awhile and then headed up the street two houses for a firepit in the neighbor's driveway.  Brantley enjoyed being around his friend, Dane (the dinosaur), who is just a few weeks older than he!

And that's how we spend Brantley's first ever Halloween.

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